This ttt session took place from May 13 - 17, 2013 in Skopje (MK) and gathered professionals (teachers, performers, theoreticians, and cultural managers) working in the field of contemporary performing arts from the region and wider in Europe: Dejan Srhoj, Dragana Alfirevic, Rok Vevar, Gregor Kamnikar (Slovenia), Olga Zitluhina (Latvia), Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld (Belgium/Croatia), Gisela Muller (Germany), Iva Sveshtarova (Bulgaria), Biljana Tanurovska – Kjulavkovski, Iskra Shukarova, Senka Anastasova, Kire Miladinoski, Violeta Kachakova, Dejan Damjanovski (Macedonia).
The students of the contemporary dance programme from the Ballet Pedagogy Department at the Faculty of Music in Skopje will also participate on this TTT session: Viktorija Ilioska, Elena Risteska and Elizabeta Kolevska.

TTT session as model of knowledge/practice sharing gives space to all participants (in relation to their professional backgrounds and working experiences) to explore/present their own teaching and also to participate and extend other peoples frames/methods of teaching.

Main questions that were referred are: How do we transmit knowledge?, How to frame a learning situation?, What is our vision in teaching?, How can we link teaching situations with artistic practice? How to share the knowledge we produce in our practice?
Therefore, by active involvement of all participants (taking both roles, as teacher and participant) learned about practices of each other and engaged ourselves in debates of teaching methods, how people relate to students, how do they use space, time, how one prepares for the class, etc.

In this way together we reflected on today needs on models of knowledge transmission.

Reflections of the session in Skopje, as well as the session of TTT in Belgrade (both organized by NOMAD Dance Academy participants from the network) are documented in the publication.