During May and June 2013, 4Culture offered a number of 10 wild cards, in the frame of exchanges with the network partners Cullberg Ballet (Juli Reinartz, SE), Southbank Centre (Victor Fung, UK), Ultima Vez/workspacebrussels (Luke Jessop, UK), and hosted equally the residency of Eeva Muilu and Milja Sarkola (FI), the winners of the 2012 Prix Jardin d'Europe.
Additional residencies were granted to: Anna Nowicka (PL/DE), Willy Prager & Sonja Pregrad (BG/HR/DE), Casandra Stelea (RO/UK), Ida Larsen & Marie-Louise Stentebjerg (DK), Nathalie Wahlberg (SE), Momo Sanno (RO). The artists worked for 2, respectively 3 weeks at WASP, and a public presentaton was organized at the end of each residency.

Some of the residents, Luke Jessop, Casandra Stelea, Willy Prager & Sonja Pregrad, Nathalie Wahlberg, Ida Larsen & Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, worked closely with the dramaturge Gina Serbanescu, and the rest received regular dramaturgical support from the same collaborator-Gina Serbanescu.

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