The artist Elma Selman received a residency in the Ultima Vez studios in Brussels. She worked on the performance surrounding herself with different inputs. Through the residency, she met Hildegard Devuyst, dramatist of the KVS with whom she talked about the dramaturgy of theatre / dance performances and she was invited to some of the rehearsals which she held with a group of young Palestinians while working on a dance performance.


Elma Selman:

“My goal which I wanted to reach on this residency was to put the performance in a different surrounding to question the method and the language I was using, and since my performance deals greatly with emigration and position of an artist in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I found working in Brussels very fruitful. The topic which I was working on suddenly got another, very different layer. I started looking on the emigration from the immigrant’s point of view, also trying to find universal code of reaching a “goal” itself. That made me think of a “goal reaching” as a sort of emigration, and for me it seemed as art and making of art is an emigration without or with quite unknown “goal”-final destination, where this process of migrating is understood after the “goal” is reached.”


At the end of the residency, Elma Selman had a showing of the performance in a studio at Ultima Vez, after which she had a talk about the piece itself and about process of making it.


Besides finishing the performance she started working on a new idea of women as subjects and objects in arts.  After the residency she plans to start applying with the performance to the festivals, first in Balkan region and then wider.


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