German artist, based in Brussels, Vera Tussing did her residency in Kanjiza in the Regional Creative Atelier “Jozef Nadj” as a research phase of her latest creation T-Dance. Her practice was focused on Tactile Training: preparing the body physically in relation to exercises based on the sense of touch.

For parts of this training, she used certain props: sticks and a ball to create a physicality focused towards a sort of mediated touch; touch that creates a link to, and between, objects, allowing for new patterns of connectivity. She was exploring these patterns of connectivity as a group practice, as part of her current creation, “T-Dance”. She gave two workshops: one with the dance students from the Kanjiza region, and the other one with the kids from the elementary school (12 years old).

Vera started a new research on Kinetic Physical Sculptures.

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