The two artists nominated by danceWEB, Costas Kekis and tomaz Simatovic participated in the University Master’s degree ex.e.r.ce that has as objective the professionalization of the dancers, the authors and the performers in the field of contemporary dance. They specifically took place in the workshop and research project “present and absend places (of the body), led by Mathilde Monnier and Dominique Figarella.


The workshop started with a reflection on the history of modern artistic practices seen as a productive contrast between exhibition practices and performing arts. They addressed the question of the place of the body within a context binding value creation to production dematerialisation and saw that the way they can address such question today is essential if they want to understand how performance arts and art practices concerning the exhibition could be interrelated, how their common aspects could be described and what modern artistic practices can be based on. The two participants could gain valuable theoretical input for their further artistic practice.

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