Interferencias Austria

3.-13.08.2012, Wien

The first edition took place 2010 in Mexico and lasted 3 weeks, combining the aspects of education, research and performance. During this period the participants developed a collective research frame, focusing on contemporary working conditions (means of creation, politics of performance, locality of actions and collective self-organization), which offered the space to follow your individual interest within the topic as well.


In 2012 the 26 artist form a nomadic collective traveling trough Portugal, Austria, Mexico and Brazil.

As part of their stay in Vienna INTERFERENCIAS invites 26 contemporary artists of contemporary dance, performance, fine arts, music and theory field to collaborate. Participation free of charge!

Accessing through your own interest on researching contemporary working modes, this group of 52 people provides itself as a resource, reflector and opportunity for exchange.

4. - 5. August 2012: Icebreaker Weekend
6. -10. August 2012: collaboration/research phase – 4h a day
11. August 2012: process sharing in WUK (site specific sharing 9th and 7th district Vienna is planned)
12. August 2012: closing day

1. Oktober - 5. Oktober 2012: refreshing and prepare presentations
6. Oktober 2012: Participation at Herbstfest of 7th district
11. Oktober 2011: Presentation of the research at "Salon der Kulturen"/Educult

Please apply till 26th of June 2012 to interferencias.austria@gmail.com

Infos about the first edition in the web:

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