INCONSUMIVEL was born from an artists meeting in Vienna, Austria, during DanceWEB scholarship Program within the frame of Impulstanz Festival 2009. In the heat of the European Summer, we felt the desire and need to continue sharing methods and work experiences through the continuity and intensity of “things” and ideas made in collective.

We are many, and we are spread all over the world. To make our will come true and to make of our sharing  process something concrete and enduring, we have elaborated a set of inconsumable strategies.

Everything starts (or continues) in Montemor-o-Novo (Portugal), in an old convent where 4 “Inconsumíveis” gathered together in September 2009: Ana Trincão, Acerina Ramos Amador, Cristina Leitão and Elisabete Finger, with the collaboration of Michelle Moura, our Inconsumable-accomplice.


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