Critical Endeavour 2012

Laura Griffiths-Summary

The Critical Endeavour programme 2012 was an opportunity to develop my writing skills, knowledge of dance practice and performance in an international context and learn from others working as writers across Europe. It was useful to work within the frame of ImPulsTanz 2012 as it gave the participants as tangible lens through which to explore and develop their working skills, whilst this was useful on an individual level it would have been advantageous for the participants of the programme to have more synchronicity in terms of performances attended, this would have provided more points for discussion within the workshops. The workshops varied quite dramatically depending upon the mentor which was quite positive in the sense that different areas of interest were accommodated, however at times the disparity between the workshops interrupted the flow of learning and ability to generate texts. More communication between the mentors would have been beneficial as would more careful management and structuring of the programme on a daily basis. The programme helped with my confidence as a writer and provided me with some valuable tools to assist with my approach to writing in the future. I would have liked to have been encouraged to utilise the blog more, our responsibility and visibility within the festival had more potential that was realised during the programme. ImPulsTanz provides the perfect backdrop for a programme such as this and I enjoyed the festival and the people I met and worked with for the two week period.

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