Dear CritEnd/DanceWeb people,

I have been asked for a short feedback on CritEnd 2012, if that is even possible.

I think that the idea of this program is interesting and that it is important that it happens and that however it happens it raises discussions. I also believe that if it keeps existing it needs to become more. More discussed, more planned, more clear. There are many ways of doing that. I for one believe that although it may not be necessary to discuss that with the participants, it is crucial for the "experts" and everyone making this happen to know (more in detail) the "WHY" Critical Endeavour is happening, what the intention behind it is and what consequences that entails. I also know that this year coming up with a schedule was a difficult task, but some kind of touching point/communicaiton point between the experts may have enriched the entire program. I do really appreciate the openness of the structure and the diversity of both students and experts. I also appreciated meeting Claudia and Pieter and having the chance to speak with them. It left me wondering what would happen if a group of "experts" (what an inappropriate definition in this context) and maybe a group of former students would have the chance to sit together and reflect on how CritEnd could develop in the future.


Thank you for inviting me, it was interesting, enriching and it raised a lot of questions for me. Thanks also to Franz Anton Cramer for being the silent ghost in the background.


Best wishes,


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