Report for the TTT meeting in Budapest, 15-21 June 2013

Iskra Sukarova – performer, creator, artistic director of the contemporary dance program in Lokomotiva, and professor at the State Faculty of Music, Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, in the department of dance pedagogy

Reflections concerning the outline of the program:
During the period of the TTT event in Budapest, I gained new experiences in the field of teaching and learning. In this report, I will speak from the perspective of one of the participants in the group and present what I consider were the main points that affected our work:
-We wanted, as a group, to explore and share an open structure for exchanging knowledge. Therefore, we established a platform where we shared different ideas and teaching formats.
-Each day we followed different proposals which we used in the process of exchanging knowledge in new ways. (We focussed on new formats of teaching and learning – or more precisely, transmitting and receiving knowledge.) The discussions led to exploring group dynamics as one of the essential pedagogical tools. The outcome was exploring different models of movement and dance practice which arose during this period as a result of the open structural format that we dealt with collectively on a daily basis. The ongoing exchange of knowledge was the main source that defined and redefined the different modes of knowledge transfer within the framework of our open learning/teaching structure.

-We questioned formats of teaching and learning in our own practices. We also discussed models of educational systems today, questioning how the programmes affect creativity in education today, especially in educational models dealing with contemporary dance.
-We discussed teaching and learning approaches in our own countries and reflected on different experiences we had had with education, both within institutions and in informal/alternative educational programmes that we had either created or participated in.
-As part of the process, we held a presentation that took place on the last day of the TTT meeting. We shared our process with the local audience in Budapest. As part of the presentation, we practiced exchange of knowledge within an open structure that we developed in the course of this meeting. Therefore, the presentation showed the practical outcome of the process and thus became a reflective artistic communion.
Organization of the meeting:

The meeting was organized very well. The standard of working conditions was high, allowing us to work without disruption. Perhaps it could have been more clearly pointed out what the official working language of the meeting would be. I think that this would make the working process easier, especially if it were mentioned at the beginning of the meeting. 

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