The starter question of the following ttt session is At What Point Do Dance Classes Become Art Pedagogy?

Along the training of the dancer's physical and mental skills, where do the boundaries stand separating the technical dance training from the creative personality development, -- and if it is necessary or possible to split these categories at all?

ttt 2013 Budapest would like to get closer to the answer by discussing the following issues and themes:

1.) Professional personal background: What kind of trainings did you have?

2.) How is your educational work built up? What do you carry on from what you have learned?

3.) Educational Chart. General questions from the aspect of the participants' personal teaching experience. What, why and how do you teach? What kind of institutional form cab your method fit into?

4.) Education and creative thinking, personal development, art education...

5.) Art Education
What is the role of "art" in your teaching practice? At what point dies it become tangible?


Participants of the teaching the teachers session:

  • Tamás Bakó (HU)
  • Varga Viktória (HU)
  • Valentina de Piante (RO)
  • Defne Erdur (TUR)
  • Katja Mustonen (FIN/D)
  • Ivaylo Dimitrov (BG)
  • Iskra Sukarova (MK)


Further, seven local young dancers are involved in the program as a control group, working together with the TTT team and separately in the afternoons: Anna Biczók, Júlia Garai, Júlia Hadi, Heléna Hrotkó, Júlia Lányi, Zsófia Tamara Vadas, Júlia Vavra,

Structure and schedule of the program:
The first day, 15 June is an introduction day for the group of seven people, the ttt team. According to the original conception, beside the ttt team, local young teachers will be involved into the program from 16-21 June. In the mornings the two groups work together on one of a ttt team member’s methodological proposition. (The seven people of the ttt team for 5 days means two shared mornings.) In the afternoon the two groups continue working independently. This kind of parallel work ensures another reflection on the same topic. At the end of the day, a conclusion discussion provides the transfer between the two groups.

About the documentation:
WSF provides a blog, daily updated of the ttt session and a visual computer presentation of the key ideas of the project. A video documentation of the Public presentation (held 21 June) and a more detailed, deeper text will be added as annexes of this computer presentation. This presentation could serve as pedagogical tool and a way to share the gained experiences (e.g. on conference you attend).  The blog is written in English, the computer presentation and the deeper text are bilingual (ENG-HU).

Follow the daily blog >>here and visit the public showing on June 21, 7pm at Jurányi utca 1-3, Budapest 1027!

The film documenting the program can be found on youtube at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt5amGs9ag8

Watch the online documentation Prezi, a presentation of ttt 2013 program, the structure and the outcomes here: http://prezi.com/uxjyiu2b6ewe/teaching-the-teachers-budapest-2013/


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