The teaching the teachers session Vienna 2011 took place from July 23 - 30 in the frame of ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival.

Upon invitation from Jennifer Lacey, the following participated:

• Dragana Alfirevic (SI)

• Alice Chauchat (FR)

• Louise Höjer (SE)

• Jennifer Lacey (FR/US)

• Malcolm Manning (FI/UK)

• Loïc Touzé (FR)

• Janet Panetta (US)

• Philippe Riera (AT/FR)

• Shelley Senter (US)

the ttt11 Vienna invitation letter

ttt was originally conceived as a sort of teacher's dance web. Since then, as a program of Jardin D'Europe it has been practiced in different ways  by different host countries. If you are curious about the context please check out the relevant section on www.jardindeurope.eu. 

Without imposing too much, I think it is important to mention that this meeting was originally conceived as a place where artists who find themselves teaching could meet and explore the creative context of class and their continuing evolving relationship to the roles of student and teacher within the context of contemporary dance study and creation.

I also really consider this a site specific endeavor - meaning that the context and resources of Impulstanz are our primary field of action and thought.

The Vienna meetings are self directed to an extreme and without a primary directive as to achievement. Everyone is invited to map out his or her own needs and interests and hopefully we will involve ourselves in our colleagues interests and questions.

Every year I propose a possible topic to spin around and so here it goes:

Empirical observation leads me to believe that the great ambition of much contemporary work is less focused on "creativity" or expression than it is on the balancing act of integrating critical thought within the performance object, 

The results range from the magic and alchemic to the totally constipated and body loathing and are wildly all over the map. Let's assume that these contemporary preoccupations are  neither good nor bad, only that that they have presented themselves as somehow necessary at the present moment.

So then, we who work with bodies (ours, other and the imaginary) in a hopefully sophisticated manner have had a rather difficult endeavor before us:

How to integrate the critical within the somatic and vice versa.

I wrote a bunch of, let's say "stuff", trying to get closer to what I mean and I will not include it here as it reads a bit like I am trying to re-invent phenomenology.

Instead let me just pose a simple question:

How does the somatic locate within the critical and how does the critical locate within the somatic? 

I am guessing it is not a new question at all. What I would like to convoke to this meeting are our practices that address this question in order to start a conversation and invent some methods. 

You are most welcome to be totally unconcerned with this inquiry and to propose others which you find more interesting.

Can't wait.

lots of love




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