“working at organisation as an artist”

Report on SuSy Scholarship by Viktória Dányi November 2012 – June 2013, Workshop Foundation

I work in Budapest as a dancer-choreographer in the independent contemporary dance field. In the beginning of my career I started following the Workshop Foundation’s activities. One of the goals of the Foundation including supporting the independent artists is encouraging their artistic development. Workshop Foundation plays a very important role in Hungary. Thanks to the Foundation artists can find lot of opportunity both professional and financial terms and through the Foundation activities they can profit a lot. It is involved into the Jardin d’Europe network which is a European project aiming to help emerging dancers, choreographers, dance administrators and dance writers.
First I got in touch with Jardin d’Europe in 2009, when I got support from it to create a coproduction with Bloom! Dance Collective, and with the created piece City, we won a two weeks residency in the frame of Prix Jardin d’Europe.

During my artistic carrier I had to face with managing work what I find quite hard without being familiar with it. I found problematic that in art schools (relying on my experience where I graduated: Budapest Contemporary Dance School, London Contemporary Dance Schools-The Place) they not really focus on teaching these kind of skills. In one hand that’s why I was eager to understand more about how the „other side” works. In the other hand I was interested in activities offered by the SuSy program because it could be a profit and a useful experience in my future, wishing to stay involved in the dance field.
I took part in SuSy from November 2012 till June 2013 at Workshop Foundation, Budapest. During my internship I could have an overall view of the international activities of Workshop Foundation for example ttt-Teaching The Teachers within Jardin d’Europe, The Research into the Unknown, or M4M. Concerning Jardin d’Europe activities, I got into a changed situation compared to my past Jardin experiences: I have been on the organizer side now of the international co-production process. It was interesting to read the applications, discussing them, selecting for the second turn and after we had the chosen one, helping the artists to achieve their aims in it. As an artist I already went through in this process and I could help them from the “other side of the table”. Before, I could only see the surface and the result of this kind of process. It was a really good practice to see and understand deeper the mechanism of organising and managing work. Now I have bigger scale view of the whole Jardin d’Europe activities.
In my internship I got to know the teachers who are giving classes in our studios. Most of them I knew already but from another context: they were colleagues or I took classes from some of them. Me, Viktória Dányi, dancer-choreographer being a SuSy intern at Workshop was a very new – and I can say funny – situation for them, as well. Sometimes I became mediator between the artists or teachers and the Foundation.

It was also a very useful experience to take part in the Teaching the Teachers conference where Hungarian and foreign teachers were participate. This year the Foundation made special conference because they invite young artists as well who are interested in teaching and they could also work not just together but with the experienced teachers as well.
In the frame of M4M workshop (M for Mobility) I could meet with artist from all kind of area who were sharing their experience how they financing their art.

My perception during this 8 month internship is that for an artist it would be necessary to experience these kinds of works and would be good if more artists could be involved in programs like SuSy.

Viktória Dányi

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