danceWEB selected the project “Webbing Endevours” by Christoph Perl for a research residency in which he tries to move concepts, scores and ideas between the participants of two specialised programs: emerging writers of Critical Endeavour 2012 (see Critical Endeavour) and emerging dancers and choreographers of the danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2012 (see IV danceWEB Scholarships). “Webbing Endevours” invests in redefining, exploring and expanding spaces and possibilities for common activities. What kind of somatic experiences can be activated when writing? How is the intellectual landscape influenced when dancing? Where lie the similarities and where the differences in composing a text or a dance?

The starting point was talking as talking can create a text as much as a dance – depending on the chosen perspective. One can look at talking as a movement of vocal cords, tongue, lips, teeth and air; or combine it in mind to a linguistic construct of words and punctuation marks. From there they dived into an improvisation process letting other movements react to the talking. Pens moving over paper surfaces, tongues moving out of the mouths, feet following the words, fingers pushing keyboard keys, skin touching skin, brain cells connecting. Further they proceeded with an analysis of the improvisation. Which parts of body and mind have reacted? Have there been any intentions involved? What is left on paper? What is left as traces on the physical bodies? What is left in memory? Are there any special qualities in the movements that could be developed further? And: If it was a text or a dance, which are the contexts it could profit from when re-enacted in those contexts?
In the next stage of the project the participants created scores for each specific context and implemented the movements of the improvisation according to the results of the analysis. The contexts could be stage, a story, a table, a museum, a sidewalk, a car ride, a lecture, a picture or a book. Two choreographies have been presented in the end within two of these contexts – one text and once dance.

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