danceWEB provided a residency including a studio to the artists Clara Furey (CA) and Benoît Lachambre (CA) for the preparation of the performances “Snakeskins” & Chutes Incadecents”. Further participating artists in the residency were Anne-Liese Gobin (FR), Karin Gauthier (CA), Daniele Albanese (IT), Hahn Row (US) and Philippe Dupeyroux (FR).

The involved artists used the time and space of the residency for the research on and preparations for the performances “Chutes Incadecents” and “Snakeskins”. “Chutes Incadecents” deals with the aspects of Western culture that are deeply rooted in the Eastern mythodology, by using movement, live piano and voice. It was shown on July 12 and July 15. “Snakeskins” focuses on the shedding of skin, accompanied again by live music by Hahn Row and was shown on August 10 and 12.

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