danceWEB offered a slot in the danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2012 to the co-organizer Bimeras. This slot comprised a fixed nomination in danceWEB 2012, the covering of 1/3 of the total scholarship expenses, which in general the selected danceWEB candidates need to secure through a funding institution in their home country and the covering of the travel costs. Bimeras chose to split this offer between two dancers, Bahar Temiz (TR) and Gonca Gumusayak (TR)

During the five weeks of the danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2012, Bahar Temiz completed 9 technique classes and Research Projects and attended 32 performances, offered by ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival. Gonca Gumusayak completed 12 technique classes and Research Projects and attended 40 performances.

report Bahar Temiz

When I look back to my danceWEB experience, I feel that a smile is gently being cooked in my tummy. DanceWEB seemed to be a grade or a gift but from inside it was simply a human situation. It intensified the change that I have been already in and compressed it into a five-week-period.

I think if I say that I am a workaholic, I wouldn’t be lying. As the scholarship program and the things that I had to do next to it were impossible to achieve, I had to learn how to be nice to myself and to go with the %70 of what I would usually do. The hardest part was to be satisfied with the %70. When you are a danceWEBber, I guess the feeling of being in the middle of THE event but also missing another one, which could be happening elsewhere, is following you everywhere. Knowing that it will be anyways as it is, recognizing when it happens and accepting it don’t help much. You are in the land of getting no satisfaction: hungry, thirsty, craving for human, professional and creative relations. It is not because there is not enough but because there is more than enough. You go high as if you were in drugs and next day your blood lacks that climax that you have been experiencing in the middle of a show or a conversation. At that moment, everything seemed meaningful, you felt strong and inspired to make all the dances that you are potentially the choreographer or dancer of.

I usually try to stay balanced in no matter what the situation is. Even if I feel high or down, I try to feel that way without controlling but also without getting attached to the sensation. In my Danceweb experience, I could confirm the sayings that I have been reading in esoteric and self-developmental books. Your mind shapes your life; your mind shapes your world. When I have met all the other dancewebbers, Benoît, Robin and the festival team; I could see that all the parts were corresponding something in me. During the five weeks, I tried to understand my relation and reactions to each thing. Every person, every class and every remark were a way to analyze my self. By the end, I was not finding time to make my daily practice and allowing myself, so to say, to “enjoy” more, but that joyful period is less intense in my memory than the moments that I allowed myself to stop and listen.

Meeting Benoît and Robin was a revelation to me. It opened my eyes towards a different physicality: a lazier but a much more efficient one. My values have completely changed. I could no longer master-or even approach- the work mentally. I could barely hear or understand what they were saying during the workshop but the effects were tremendous in my body and imagination. It felt as if I could experience the world and the body with a new sense. I have been moved so intensely with their work in the first week that it created expectations, then silence. I was saturated by information on the third week. On the forth week, I have been taken by Maria Hassabi and Kroot Juurak’s workshop. Being lost again felt like I am right where I am supposed to be.

When I look back, I feel really thankful to the group that made me feel like an insider without having to participate to the flow. I guess my danceweb was about being lost and, for the first time in my life, feeling at the right place without having a clue about where I am.

Thank you for challenging me and opening me to the essence of new experiences. Only love, Bahar

report Gonca Gumusayak

This year I was one of 67 lucky ones of danceWEB Scholarship programme. The Artistic Committee gave me this chance to be part of this great sharing pool of love and dance friends, which I was applying for ten years:) Yes 10 years , isn't is amazing! I didn't give up, and every year I progressed in writing applications, coming more and more closer, and here I am, I was there in Vienna Impulstanz:) sitting with 70 of us in the big round welcoming circle...

At first it was very difficult to talk in public between this much of population. What kind of interesting things I can offer to this lovely interesting people, They all looked very smart to me, smarter then me…
But at the end one of them said to me: “ You teached me ; applying for something that you really want for 10 times is not stupid but smart”, and thank you for your boundless energy and open heart." D.B. Such a shining bulb came up to my mind
People supported me as who ever I was, how ever you are, without prejudges ,so that I could make myself more clearer in my artistic point of view , this society gave me the strength and support to say how I wanna say my artistic ways.

In Impulstanz Festival Danceweb Programme 2012 we had everyday Workshops and Coaching Projects, every night one or two different performances to see. Many frineds to talk and exchange information about dance, critisims, opinions later more freedom in dance , more love , more dance to dance to share.

At the Dancewebers Saloon Events, we started to present our own pieces, way of working, websites, works videos, and pictures, small presentations, or performances. I have presented my new improvised dance piece which I created for them for the occasion of Danceweb Salon, which was called: “ The Crazy Girl in the Town, “ La Goancha Butfica”,later become the innitiation of my master thesis subject.

One of the Dancewebber friend wrote that: " I will always remember your presentation how you transformed the place completely, we went from tired and party hung over into being happy and totally awake. I felt you did it with so much love." Sandra.

By the time we know about each other, the time has become more valuable to us, how much precious those friends from all over the world. We started from a common ground dance was the subject- and choosing our own ways to express, finding our own individual voices to flourish. We shared our creativity, let go of borders. We started to talk about work of dance, go on with politics and saving the world with the love created all there. We danced, shared and worked together. We felt it it was possible to work together eventhough we were so different from each other. We were simply so different and far at the same time close and similar to each other. We wanted to do it and we did. All that matters that we did it and we can do for further future projects, create art, and share, make the world better place to live, piece and love. Much of this feeling of love and unision were shared , and we believed we can share more with the world. We got the motor instict, we planned to meet again – we called it Serial Lovers meetings – of Dancewebbers 2012. Next meeting is going to happen in April- May 2013 in Hamburg. We are still keeping contact for future projects and new collaborations.

And 67 of us,- dancing in the dancefloor, jumping together “ I I follow I Follow you – deep sea babay I follow you” , such a big energy together was shared, It was big making love session with group of 67 jumping together. It was compassion and love shared, desires were fullfilled. We were full, now spreaded all around the world.

Our mentors Benoit ad Robin, had created us an atmosphere of collective foreground, abondance of sharing information, and free willing movement. I am so thankful to them that they could shape this atmosphere of Danceweb in a very delicate way.They set the tone very softly, calmly and this gave us a space to start our own initiatives. In addition ,from the coaching project, I could feel the effects of the somatic and energy works through my body and soul. Letting go of tentions, or fixed mind, energies opened up new possibilities in any area, movement, watching performance, getting information, listening before moving.

Maybe after we came back home alone with our backpacks, we still carry the energy , longing for this might last forever, or gives us a starting energy to initiate new things for art…Creating new projects, dances, with new energies…

DanceWEB gave me support to change things that I want to change, fate for the things that I cannot change. Amen- Shanty.( Yoga with Sri Louis)
I am thankful and blessed.

After I came back to Turkey, I have made a performance showing with group I founded “Performance Planet”,we performed on Street Festival in MODA;Istanbul, in 5th Burunda Sanat Festivali, Moda, it was called “ Dance both in and for the moment”. The Festival was organized by Lokomotif Culture and Arts Foundation : http://lokomotifart.over-blog.com/
Now I am taking part in Idans Istanbul contemporary Dance and Performance Festival as volunteer, participating Teaching Teachers – Trainind and Capacity Development Programs. www.idans.info

I have started my Master Thesis subject project about “ Humor in contemporary dance “Commedia dell Arte , Slapstick” in which I seeded the grains up in Vienna in Impulstanz, starting a artist colloboration project with Ivar Furre Aam from Oslo, whom I met in Danceweb. www.msgsu.edu.tr

I am sharing the contact network information together with the Turkish Dance sceen in Turkey, Teaching workshops in Mimar Sinan State University , Yoga and improvisation , creating new pieces.
I have documented all the workshop I took in Impulstanz ,For every each workshop I have written down reviews, and techniques we have used, and I have collected the information in a pdf format text to be represented in my web blog.


I will be using and sharing the information through out the workshops I am giving in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Contemporary Dance Department, CATI, Contemporary Dance Artists Association, TAL Theater Research Laboratory in Istanbul, www.catidans.org and Tiyatro Medresesi, ( Performing Arts Reseach Center) in Sirince Selçuk,Izmir. http://www.tiyatromedresesi.org/, http://www.pam.org.tr/tiyatromedresesi.php

Another project is to write in Swedeish Dance History book.
We created a new Dancewebers internet website and blog for sharing information with the world: http://danceweb2012.tumblr.com/

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