Hungarian artist Zoltan Vakulya was selected for this two weeks residency in the studio of Ultima Vez, during which he worked on his solo piece called “PAUSE”, together with Douglas Jung.
The desire of these two weeks was to realize a movement quality that can be used as a base of the work and to make a guided run-trough every day, to realize a structure within their interest.


report by Zoltán Vakulya

About ‘PAUSE’

‘PAUSE’ is strictly structured improvised solo piece, danced in ‘silence’.
The performer in it looks for physical simplicity and generosity out of a complex state of mind.

The audience is sitting on two sides, which allows them to meditate on a landscape of the
performers body within the landscape of the audience bodies, an arena. The performer is
chasing and surprising himself and questioning the perception of the spectator.

I’m interested about the living bodies on stage and the complexity of the relation system
created between them.
In ‘PAUSE’ I look for different entrances between spectator and performer, to rather trigger
their imagination and sensations, than to challenge them.

I approach image as a physical and conceptual phenomenon, which becomes a moving image
of a living body that can lead you to a certain understanding as a whole, but it as well cooperate
and co-exists with the pictures it proposes one by one.

Ultima Vez Studios residency
I spend two weeks in Ultima Vez Studios with Duoglas Jung, working on a solo piece called
The desire of these two weeks was to clarify a movement quality that can be used as a base of
the work and to place it into a daily run-trough where we can realize a structure within our

I began to work with Douglas Jung since his chorographical approach co-responds with mine,
while there is a room to question each other and to enrich our visions and practices as well.

We approached the body in a way that we limited the possibilities for moving and used this
quality in the improvisation sessions.
This is what we call Instinctive leg’s.
It is a physical experience, a quite peculiar way of moving, generated by a deep inner
sensation, which is in line with Alva Noé-s conscious body theory, that we were both
interested on.

“The brain is not a center of our consciousness. It is spread all over in the body. The body is
our consciousness and our thoughts and feelings runs trough this system before it actually
reaches the brain. (…) The brain is only collecting package of information’s and attaching
them to the meaning we used to learn in the society we live in.”

To deepen the understanding of this physicality and to realize a persona behind this way of
moving, we hint some keywords, quotes and questions into the improvisations we made. They
are mostly pointing towards performativity and dramaturgical actions.

‘How can I hide on stage?’

‘Sometimes recognizable becomes so strong, that the piece will become about that, and they
won’t recognize anything else.’

‘Invite to be seen.’
We attached this sentence to most of the actions we made during the creative process. It
produces a very sensitive listening for the performer; meanwhile for the spectator it creates a
generous atmosphere. It supports the one who’s watching to access their imagination deeper
while watching the show.

During the day we worked on this elements separately. Trough the daily instant
improvisations we start to build a structure around the personality, which started to appear out
of the practices.

The first presentation of ‘PAUSE’ took place in Ultima Studios with a small audience.
After the run-trough we opened a discussion for questions, answers and advises with this
people who have mixed backgrounds.
The responds were great and very supportive!

-The piece is directing our gaze in every second, and keeps the imagination in a high tension.
-There is a strong personality appearing in this journey, which could evolve even further.
-Referring to the title, the sensation of pause was with us many times.
(They called it gaps in times, as if a storyteller would talk in a non-linear way.
Anyhow, in the end it makes clear sense. )


It has been a very intensive and fruitful two weeks!
I would like to say thank you to all of the people who made this happen, especially for
Workshop Foundation-s team!

The next residency in Feb. 2013 will take place in PARTS Winter Studios with an open
rehearsal in the end of it.

Vakulya Zoltán

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