Daniela Pozo and Deborah Hazler were selected by Cullberg Ballet and danceWEB for an artistic and administrative residency during iDANS06 festival in Istanbul 2012. The residency was designed for artists with interest in exchanging ideas about their work-in-progress, and willingness to have a hands-on experience in festival organization. The residency included the following: a part-time studio (around 4 hours a day) for the whole duration of the residency, with possibility of inviting local artists/teachers as “external eye” to the working process, admission to all performances throughout iDANS 06, participation in the workshops throughout the festival, participation in lectures and symposiums throughout the festival.


report by Deborah Hazler

There is something about receiving the possibility to spend two weeks in Istanbul in
October, when the Vienna weather has already started turning gray and cold, that leaves little
room for being unsatisfied with the experience. The city is vibrant, colorful, with friendly people,
millions of cats and a lot to see and do. Exploring the different facets of the city, being a tourist
in this city, getting scrubbed from head to toe in a hamam, running in to the restaurant because
police had released some form of tear gas into the air, the bus drivers stopping every second to
make sure that everyone who needs to can get on even if the bus is already bursting, the carpet
seller making bizarre offers in exchange for a carpet, finally being at the right place at the right
time to see some amazing and some not so amazing performances, talking to and exchanging
ideas about dance, dance teaching and the importance of dance with the other residents; all of
this and so much more made my stay in Istanbul unique and, in the end very satisfying.
Everyone working for IDANS, from Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar, the International Projects
Administrator and Fırat Kuşçu, responsible for Production and Hospitality, to all the volunteers
were exceptionally warm, generous, helpful and nice.
It was easy to talk to them about the solo I am working on, the beginning struggles I was
having, and getting some very useful artistic tips on how to make beginning this solo project
easier and although everyone was busy working they always took time to answer questions and
check in on me.
At the same time that I had a wonderful time, there is something about my prior
expectations based on the call for applications that left me with the question why such a
residency is even being offered. If I remember correctly the call was for an administrative and
research residency. This led me to believe that I was going to be getting some hands on
experience working for the festival part time and then working on my solo part time. This is not
what happened as no one seemed to want me to do anything except for on one morning, where
I brought a choreographer from his hotel to the dance university and back. Somehow this was
something that I had also been interested in doing and I did feel a bit of disappointment in the
first week when I realized that there was not more administrative work for me to do. So, if there
was no administrative work to do, why make a call for it?
It was also in the first week that I realized that it was too soon in my process to be
spending time in the dance studio, which was reserved for me Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1
p.m. (which can be considered as very early) as while my topic is clear I hadn’t done enough
research to enable spending quality time in the studio. As a result my work was mainly done in
my fairly luxurious hotel room in the mornings and I would spend the rest of the day enjoying
the late summer feeling of the city.
I am unsure what I am criticizing here; perhaps I am only criticizing my own
expectations. Perhaps in receiving a two-week almost all expenses paid holiday, where I am
doing a small amount of research, that is called a residency, there is nothing for me to complain
about and I guess that after accepting the situation for what it was, a generous offer of time for
me to use freely, where little rules and few if any mandatory structures existed, there is nothing
left but thankfulness on my part for being the recipient of this luxury. Guilt free.

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