In 2011, danceWEB supported the production of the following dance pieces by providing them with research and working residencies during ImPulsTanz 2011

Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek (AT/NL) “Kein Applaus für Scheiße”

This mix of dance, theatre and trash‐pop is exploring the limits of a performance/the performer on stage with references to the performance art of the 1970s by exposing the bodies of the performer to extremes – how far would an artist go for the big applause? The piece has been invited, amongst others, to the Swiss Festival Belluard Bollwerk International in Freiburg and to the Austrian imagetanz 2012 festival in Vienna.

Maria Hassabi (US/CY) “Show”.

“Show” casts a focus on the elements of live performance to make them plastic and palpable. At the core of its exploration is a paradoxical condition that must be negotiated and resolved by any live work: the attempt to be present in a moment of expression, while existing in an awareness caught by a set of definitive frames. The relationship between the audience and the performers, their mutually assigned spaces, movement and roles, are implicated in the work as they share the changing sequence of what unfolds. “Show” premiered at The Kitchen in New York in November 2011 and has been presented in the Middelheim Museum in Antwerk (BE) and the Viennafair 2012 in Vienna (AT).

Maisondahlbonnema (BE) “Analysis – The Whole Song”

This play is the third and final part of the trilogy on contemporary opera “Tokyo, Paris, New York – a Pop Opera Trilogy”. The members of Maisondahlbonnema, Anna Sophia Bonnema and Hans Petter Dahl are responsible for the libretto respectively the music composition of this poetic, mythical and religious story, whose protagonists Ricky and Ronny are on a journey through space and time in which they are confronted with iconic historical figures. It premiered at METEOR 2011 | BIT Teatergarasjen in Bergen (NO) in October 2011 and will be presented at De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam (NL) in December 2012 and in the theater aan het vrijthof in Maastrich (NL) in March 2013.

Sara Manente (BE/IT) “Faire un four”

This production is interested in the processes of creation as rewriting. It is dedicated to Marcel Broodthaers and Andy Kaufman as two artists who besides their very different areas of work have addressed society and art in a perpetuous effort of re‐narration, redefinition and rewriting ‐ reformulating “reality”, “identity” and “physicality” as the field of the “possible”. “Faire un four” premiered in October 2011 at Monty in Antwerpen (BE).

NOMAD (AT/BA/HR/MK/RO/RS/SE/SI) „Nomad Dance Institute“

The Nomad Dance Academy is a network established since 2005 in the Balkan region with the aim to support and develop contemporary dance in the concerned countries by offering training and research opportunities, organising festivals and researching on the working methods and performance presentation forms. In the frame of their residency, a team of 10‐15 experts in the field discussed, explored, proposed and reflected the past, present and future of Nomad Dance Academy.

Liz Santoro (US/FR) “We do our best”

premiered at Dansspace Project in April 2012. In “We do our best”, Liz Santoro investigates the performer’s position through the lens of the "presented" female body on stage. Here, these women are subjects to be commanded, looked at, and exposed. Focusing on perceptions of strength and weakness experienced in attempting to hold the attention of another, “We Do Our Best” arises from the questions, observations, and obsessions of a perpetual performer. With this production, Liz Santoro is nominated for the Bessy Awards, the prestigious New York Dance and Performance Awards, in the category Outstanding Emerging Choreographer.

Bodycartography / Olive Bieringer & Otto Ramstad "Super Nature"

Within this project, the two directors Olive Bieringer and Otto Ramstad work on an installation as well as on a theatre work. Hereby the installation works as part I and the theatre work as part II. The installation is an intimate one for a gallery space and an audience of one. In an empty gallery, one member of the public meets one performer and they have a non-verbal interaction. Both performer and audience will have agency to transform the energy of the space through their behaviour and social interaction, sometimes very subtle and sometimes extreme.
The theatre work engages the wild, the domestic, and the civilized aspects of human nature to create a radical ecological melodrama.

Christoph Perl "Performative Miniatures"

With “Performative Miniatures” Christoph Perl refers to speech and movement patterns that reflect the daily routine in which they are embedded. They are analysing improvisations that are connecting with each other in the given contexts and structures and that are enlarging the perception spaces and possible spaces of a situation. Christoph Perl uses the context of an international festival to explore the interactions between the festival’s participants and the city and its spaces and inhabitants. The focus hereby lies on the interaction between public visibility and artistic pretensions. Questions about the relations between body, space, public and (re)presentation are explored through short improvisations with participants of the ImPulsTanz festival. Improvisations that are embedding itself in the reality of the cityscape which they are scrutinizing at the same time.

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