danceWEB offered a slot in the danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2011 to the co-organizer 4Culture. This slot comprised a fixed nomination in danceWEB 2011, the covering of 1/3 of the total scholarship expenses, which in general the selected danceWEB candidates need to secure through a funding institution in their home country and the covering of the travel costs. 4Culture chose Arcadie Rusu (RO) for this slot.

During the five weeks of the danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2011, Arcadie Rusu completed ten technique classes and Research Projects and attended 37 performances, offered by ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival.


report Arcadie Rusu


Let the savage soul flounder
Throughout arms, palm cracks touching the face
Patiently kissed,
Taste the garden apples,
Be your own defeated master,
Consume ‘till transformation,
Transform ‘till it hurts,
Until eyes become heavy rain clouds,
Bearing storms, swallowing floods,
Take off the wet coat and
Love those fingerprints which burn embraces.
And the soul, leave it savage and floundering.

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