danceWEB offered a slot in the danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2011 to the co-organizer Station. This slot comprised a fixed nomination in danceWEB 2011, the covering of 1/3 of the total scholarship expenses, which in general the selected danceWEB candidates need to secure through a funding institution in their home country and the covering of the travel costs. After a national wide, public call, Station chose Jovana Rakic (RS) for this slot.

During the five weeks of the danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2011,Jovana Rakic completed ten technique classes and Research Projects and attended 41 performances, offered by ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival.

report Jovana Rakic

Is it possible?
What to pack?
Where am I going?
Where will I sleep?
Who will I meet? Will I like them? Will they like me?
Who are these people?
And then I took a long breath and said where I am from and what do I do. And all those people on terrace stared at me. But that day ended, and another one and another one, and I got to know them (well first trough touching, but that is the deal when you have Isabel and Boyzie as mentors!) and talk to them. And then we started cycling through sun and rain- mostly rain, and eating together and talking and watching performances and dancing. We figured out each other that’s what happened I guess.
In fragments of my memory it looks like this:
Couching projects- teachers are funny people and some of them (actually most of them) really think that the only right way is their way! Then there are those sweets and beauties and people who really believe in what they do but leave enough space for us to take what we want.
Classes- or workshops- if you want to go shopping!.... as a great mind said!
Performances- some you love some you hate, and some… well you change opinion by the end of the night. Of course there are those that you sleep over sometimes even on stairs of Volkstheater.
Vienna- looked me I used to be a centre of an Imperia! Vienna cycling through you was existing and powerful experience! Especially in a huge group of 65 people!
Called Hanna, Rio, Denise- great professionals, great people and hosts
You are overwhelmed with all dance dance stuff and performance stuff and what to think and how to talk, and than in one moment all the things that you can remember from dance web is one plastic glass of wine, a candy, my secret friend, smile on someone’s face, the moment in which someone hugged you strongly that you couldn’t bread. You thought you were here to take something else, but here you go you have a bonus! You can have these people as your all around the world friends and colleagues!
That’s it! Go play in haunted house you crazy people made! Do you want to make a statement, or a candy or maybe something nice precise and beautiful ? It’s enough! Dance web was too much! Too much choices, too much biking, too much classes, too much couching projects, too much people, to much questions, too much answers, too much performances, too much classes, too much teachers, too much students, too much washed up minds, too much smart, too much stupid, too much loving, too much hugging, too much fires, too much lounge, too much coffee, too much cigarettes, too much lying on the grass . Where did they get so much? And at the end I wouldn’t change it at all.
That's and it could never be enough, but then again some part of too much I have to keep for myself

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