artistic research & festival admin during iDANS- Istanbul International Contemporary Dance & Performance Festival


Vigneux sur Seine - France,
November 29th, 2011.

To the attention of Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier,
Europe in Motion and Jardin d'Europe programmes.

I begin this report by thanking you for the opportunity to have experienced
so much. Participate in all 05 IDANS was an experience of intensity in all
Istanbul, wonderful city, rich in dynamics of urban movement, wide
dimensions and quite human. Obviously this is a tourist vision, I could not
use camouflages, either by skin color, whether by the way of walking or by
the time I spent in this city. This confrontation has brought into my
choreographic creation very rich elements, it made me understand my
research subject by a different point of view, more graphic, less narrative,
as an irregular geometry. It was very interesting to don't understand the
language, the codes, but to embody all of this through gestures and other
cultural information which do not pass in between words.

IDANS Festival has an importance far greater than I've imagined, for despite
the cultural diversity of Turkey, dance is still far from being an artistic field
priority. Still are insufficient good working conditions for local artists, so this
event is presented as a large door open for meetings, discoveries and
audacity. The program was thoroughly well built, with the theme"At Work"
we could touch the multiple relationships between work and dance /
performance. Each work has brought me thoughts, that I hope to resolve
those issues through my art practice; the relation with the production
systems, marketing, repetition, adaptation, inertia, irony, provocation,
perfection, inventiveness. In addition to the contact with the works, was
very fruitful to have the opportunity to talk with each artist, locals and
guests, at the festival's backstage.

At the first moment I participated in the program "Europe in Motion" with
nine other young choreographers, we had Jonathan Burrows and Mustafa
Kaplan as mentors. In this phase, which lasted 12 days, we could know
each other, by presenting recent works, bycreative processes or training
practices. The group had a wide diversity of work and by the method "critical
response process," created by Liz Lerman, brought by J. Burrows we could
collaborate with each other in a very objective way, which generated the
desire to develop future projects together. This will happen as a need for
more time to mature each proposition, as well the importance of finding
autonomy structure. On October 9th we made a presentation open to the
public and the feedbacks were very precious, especially because we had
contact with other readings of our propositions, which made appear more
material to the work or issues to go deeper. On the last day we had a
meeting to evaluate our participation with the management team of the

The second stage has consisted of the artistic and administrative residency
proposed by the "Jardin d'Europe," I attended this program along with two
other young choreographers: Aleksandar Georgiev and Zhana Pencheva. Our
meeting was much closer, we could discuss a lot about our condition of
"young choreographers," about expectations and frustrations involved in
this situation, which was a collaborative experience somehow. We shared
many information about our production contexts, the motivations that drive
the creations that we are developing and our strategies to diffuse these
pieces in the near future.

Unfortunately, the administrative residency was not as productive in relation
to practical experience as it could be if we had participated in the process
before the start of the Festival, time when the structure of realization is
evident. However I could answer questions to Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar,
International Projects Director, who explained me how partnerships are
done, the programation and contact with the artists are made, the roles of
each team member and the history of IDANS. During the residency I also
realized that at the phase in which our work is, what we needed was much
more a production structure to have a full contact with the propositions we
are doing [lighting, objects, among other resources], that the studios to the
development of choreographic material.

On October 20th we made a public presentation, informal, which was to me
a second opportunity to communicate my work with the audience, besides
the possibility of test other ideas and earlier feedbacks . It was very
important to have done it especially to share our research with students
from MSGSÜ that has gave to us space for one month at the Department of

More than a month of this past experience, I feel that the challenge was
met, that my work across new places and now it is much more mature. I feel
affected by this experience in many ways, I could try other tastes, could
understand other transit , I've met very interesting people and very powerful
works, I've really learned a lot and I am still digesting.


Ana Pi

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