Upon recommendation by Jardin d'Europe co-organiser Bimeras Cultural Foundation, Cullberg Ballet invited Gezim Bilgen (TR), Dancer/Choreographer, for a two weeks residency at Cullberg Ballets location in
the production house of Riksteatern (Swedish National Touring Theatre).

The residency was focused on movement research, specifically working on creating movement phrases by using the IDEA model: Improvisation,Development, Evaluation and Assimilation. Together with Cullberg Ballets apprentice Johanna Nielandt they worked on improvisational based movement that began to stimulate both movement possibilities and imagination. They also worked with the effort system of LMA the connection between “inner attitude” and “outer form”.

The residency culminated in an informal presentation for the Cullberg Ballet artistic staff, in studio 7 one of the rehearsal studios at Riksteatern. Finishing with a discussion and feedback between both artists and artistic staff. The artists are now looking for ways in which to continue the project they started in Stockholm.

feedback report Gezim Bilgen

As part of Jardin d'Europe, a contemporary dance network and projects supported by the Culture Programme of the European Commission within the collaboration between Bimeras Foundation, Riksteatern and Cullberg Ballet, I got opportunity for having an artistic residency in Stockholm from 21st of March till 2nd of April 2011. The residency was focused on movement research.

In my working concept, I planned to investigate the dynamic relation between the “how” of an action (movement) and “what” of an action (movement).  I am interested in the process of the creation of varying effects, meanings and associations of the identical actions both in varying contexts as lightning, music, set design, costume and also when performed with varying qualities on different cast (which might also be subject to the change of the performer with varying physical characteristic) by repeating the same movement phrases.   During the two weeks, I specifically worked on creating movement phrases by using IDEA model: Improvisation, Development, Evaluation and Assimilation. Improvisational based movement that began to stimulate both movement possibilities and imagination for any task given as puppet game, domino effect though body parts, replay game in joints articulation…etc. As in the Development process, playing with different effort possibilities for a character and deciding on the particular movement qualities of a specific character within the information of gestural games. Here I used the Effort System of LMA – Laban Movement Analyses – working with the connection between”inner attitude” and “outer form” that is strongly influenced by Stanislavsky’s method of acting. Evaluation part was based on interpretation of “doing” selected phrases by Johanna N. -the performer itself. The assimilation for movement work is completed as a solo and left open upon to the number of performers and the possible contexts of different lightning, music, set design and costume.  Regarding my work in progress, I got very valuable feedback from the

Artistic team of Cullberg Ballet: Artistic director; Anna Grip, Artistic Coordinator; Jane Hopper and Assistant Producer; Margareta Wall. They were all passionate to question my aim and truly encourage my artistic vision.  I once again thank them for their help and interest.
The residency period was truly inspiring with peaceful and silent atmosphere. Cullberg Ballet is located in Riksteatern which is basely called production house for theatre but mostly like a factory of performing arts in Hallunda/Norsborg, half an hour subway travel from centre of Stockholm. If you do want to get in or not to be locked at Riksteatern, you need to first memorize your codes for entry and keep your “bip bip” device for every step you want to pass. If you are on a creating process, you could prefer to be locked in the house. This isolated place welcomes you with an atmosphere of creativity, strong focus of concentration and also with enthusiastic people who share similar yet different interests. Thanks to the organization, I had the chance to meet various performers and artists, got acquainted to some degree with their work and shared several talks and discussions.   Additionally, the facilities are wonderful in Riksteatern and Cullberg Ballet, having a wonderful black box and technical facilities, offers a great chance for performers to see their creative ideas as performances on stage.  I would be very excited to participate in an enhanced residency program that encourages movement researches to be developed into stage performances.
            Ones again, I want to thank Cullberg Ballet team including Adam and Bimeras Foundation for such an amazing opportunity. I hope to release my movement research as a stage production in the near future.
Gizem Bilgen

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