For this Wild Card slot, danceWEB selected the Austrain, Germany based artist Kai Simon Stöger to participate in this three weeks festival of WinLab 2010. In the frame of WinLab, she participated in three workshops:
Giovanni Felicioni “The Spiral Dynamic of our Gravity Project”, João Fiadeiro “Real Time Composition” and Chrysa Parkinson “Developing a Personal Practice”. The organizer of this Wild Card slot, Southbank Centre, covered travel, per diem, accommodation and the workshop expenses.

Kai Simon Stöger was working on a solo and her participation in WinLab 2010 was a vital preparation for the research she was doing at the moment. She had the possibility to reflect her concept through exchanging with
the teachers and the other participants before starting her working process. All three workshops facilitated certain perspectives on reflecting movement, choreography and the field of contemporary dance.


feedback report by Kai Simon Stöger (AT)

I applied for the Wild Card program in October 2010 to attend WinLab, a three week festival, taking place during December at the Siobhan Davis Studios in London.

I am currently working on a solo, which will premiere in June 2011. Participating in WinLab was a vital preparation for the research I am doing at the moment. I had the possibility to reflect my concept through exchanging with teachers and other participants before starting my working process. In this three weeks many questions, I had regarding my working approach, got more defined.

The three workshops were given by Giovanni Felicioni, João Fiadeiro and Chrysa Parkinson. All three workshops had different approaches, but they felt connected at the same time.

Looking back on my experiences, all three workshops facilitated certain perspectives on reflecting movement, choreography and the field of contemporary dance. I am very grateful, that I had the possibility to participate in ever single of them.

Giovanni Felicioni's Workshop “The Spiral Dynamic of our Gravity Project” was a inquiry on gravity, articulation and perception, based on the movement analysis Rolfing and Yoga. We were working alone or in pairs, using hands on and regularly discussing as group the theories of Hubert Godard, an influencial rolf movement practitioner and teacher. Three month after the workshop I am still processing my understanding of gravity as a major influence in the development of senses and perception.

João Fiadeiro's Workshop “Real Time Composition” was involved with questions on choreography, group decisions and improvisation. “Real Time Composition” is a very developed and differentiated technique to compose shared actions in real time. The process in the group was very dynamic and controversial. Understandably enough, even if a dance studio facilitates a certain frame to agree with each other, the complexity and complication of lives and experiences has to be taken into account.

It was at the same time a difficult and rich process and I am glad about all the discussions and controversies, that have happened during these six days.

Chrysa Parkinson's Workshop “Developing a Personal Practice” opened for me a new understanding on my artistic process. I enjoyed finding myself already having a personal practice, nevertheless undeveloped and raw. I realised that instead of asking me how to begin, I could also focus on what I have already done, simply by following the sense of my work. For my upcoming process I could even ask myself about the matter of my work, meaning both value and material.

In Chrysa Parkinson's Workshop I found the pleasure of words and the pleasure to postpone the wording. The tools, she taught us for developing a Personal Practice, have been very helpful in the months after and will certainly be for the future.

All three workshops had a great impact on me while I did them ans also afterwards. I still live off the experience of WinLab 2010. I am especially grateful, that I was welcomed so warmly by the members of Independent Dance, Southbank Centre and Siobhan Davies Studios. My heartfelt thanks to Gill Clarke, Fiona Millward, Eva Martinez, Rebecca Millward, Julie Havelund and Iris Chan.

A thousand thanks also to the members of DanceWEB, Hanna Bauer and Rio Rutzinger, who chose and recommended me for WinLab 2010.

I took a lot of new experience, contacts and friends with me back to Berlin and I am looking forward to go back to London very soon.

A Thousand Thanks! Kai Simon Stoeger

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