For this Wild Card slot, the organiser of the residencies Bimeras teamed up with the partners danceWEB and Workshop Foundation, who selected Martina Rösler (AT) and Csaba Molnar (HU) and Tamara Vadas (HU)
for this residency program for young choreographers and dancers.

The three participants had the chance to experience iDANS – Istanbul International Contemporary Dance & Performance Festival as a whole as they were invited for the entire period of it. The residencies included both artistic as well as administrative work : admission to all performances and workshops throughout the festival as well as hands on experience on the daily routine of an international festival production.

The participating artists received artistic input by the exchange of ideas, knowledge and work with the further artists present at the festival and gained an insight into the modalities and working methods of an internationally acclaimed festival in the fields of contemporary dance and performance.


feedback report by Martina Rösler

Looking back on 40 days in Istanbul...

It was not my first time in Istanbul. Four years ago I got an Erasmus-Scholarship and I was living in the city for three month. So being chosen for the residency was such a wonderful way  for me to return! I still felt well acquainted with the city and the culture and I was so excited to be back in this pulsating metropolis. I arrived some days before the idans festival started, and I immediately found myself right in the middle of a friendly, open, enthusiastic team in a cosy, office with beautiful wallpapers. Eating homemade lunch together on a big table, (amazing turkish food, I miss it!), and joint five o'clock çay (tea) gave me the feeling of being part of a whole big family :)

Accompanied by CATS/KEDILER during my residency - the amazing ikedi project by Roger Titley and Airan Berg, the posters, bags and t-shirts of the festival... and not to forget the four cats living in the office who made us smile and stay relaxed when stressful times started.

As promised in the description of the call, I was really able to get an insight into sometimes chaotic festival organization/production. For instance, it was part of my job to pick up artists from the airport, to prepare welcome kitts, do internet research on special topics, etc. and later on, to help to organize Critical Endeavour. I enjoyed the diversified operational activities - it was good to be busy with different tasks!

Concerning organization and living conditions of my residency I was really satisfied! The communication before my arrival and during my stay was very good! The accommodation was great, providing an internet connection and kitchen, and it was situated in walking distance to the idans office and to garajistanbul, one of the venues of the festival. It was a big flat (with five rooms), which I shared with different artists, coming and going. Two other “wild cards” from Budapest were staying there too. A great possibility to swap ideas and share experiences. I was very happy to get to know Csaba and Tamara!

The luxury of watching a performance nearly every night was great (also a bit exhausting)! I saw lots of different pieces, some inspired me a lot and I still stick to them in my thoughts. During the festival I was very much concerned about my position as a spectator. How do I watch, what do I like, what do I dislike, how quickly do I judge... . All these questions have become more and more important to me during the last few years. In the context of the festival, and mainly in the context of Critical Endeavour, I was able to focus on them extensively and deal with possible answers.

I was also very happy to be involved in two projects of idans festival as a performer: Michikazu Matsune's YES and NO and Willi Dorner's Bodies in Urban Spaces. I really enjoyed being part of an artistic process during the residency, which was not planned, but just happened. Both pieces have been public space performances, but dealing with different issues, in their concepts and realizations using different strategies and aesthetics. YES and NO as well as Bodies in Urban Spaces made me experience the city in a different, new way, which I appreciate a lot, as well as meeting local artists, people from Istanbul, sharing thoughts and also political and personal beliefs (YES and NO).

Moreover I took part in two workshops during idans. I was really excited about the workshop of Xavier Le Roy because I am really interested in his approach to choreography. It was great to meet him personally, ask questions, talk about his pieces and get more insight in his work.

Being part of the Critical Endeavour program was a big challenge for me. Compared to the other participants, who had been working professionally as journalists/critics for a long time, I was more in the position of a “beginner” concerning my “critical” writing experience. At first, I really felt very nervous and was not sure about how I will be able to “survive” this two weeks of intense discussing, analyzing and writing. Our timetable was extremely tight, so it was really a kind of “cracy” time. Looking back I have to say, I did survive and I did learn a lot! What I really appreciated: the discussions, the exchange with the group! The different individual experiences and views have been an enrichment. I really felt honored to meet such great and clever people who made me think and rethink a lot!

For my own artistic work, professional development this residency meant a lot.

I am still searching for my way of being/positioning myself in the field of dance (as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, theatre science student), but I think I am now a bit closer to find it! I don't like to speak about expectations, but in this case, I have to say they have been fulfilled in many perspectives including lots of wonderful surprises. Since my return home, I am full of energy and input, still digesting this rich , valuable experience!

A big big THANKS to Jardin d'Europe and Dance WEB for giving me this opportunity!

In the end I also want to thank the whole idans team (Aydın, Gurur, Stéphane, Banu, Eser, Fırat, Burcu, Murat, Sema, Seçil, Dâra, Nurşen, Airan, Cansu, Ezgi …) for making this residency so special and unique!

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