Igor Koruga (RS), Aleksandar Georgiev (MK) were chosen by the NOMAD network (Lokomotiva and Station) for a residency program offered by Workshop Foundation. They were rehearsing their own project with the working title “Pathetique” in the Studio of Workshop Foundation between June 13 and July 13. As a closing event for their residency, a showing of their work in process was organised on July 11, in the Theatre Hall of Trafó.

Since the work in progress presentation, the piece has been finished and its première happened on
October, 24 as part of LocoMotion Festival in Skopje with the title of “Store in room temperature”.



feedback report Aleksandar Georgiev and Igor Koruga

Within collaboration between Jardin d’Europe Workshop Foundation in Budapest and Nomad Dance Academy network at the Balkans, we got opportunity for having an artistic residency in Budapest. This one month long residency took place at Trafo Theatre from middle of June until middle of July 2010. As dance artists, we used this residency to work on our new co-authorship project called Pathetique which already has started at December 2009 in Sofia (BUL). During the stay in Budapest, we managed to bring our project to the final phase and create a dance piece which was also presented at Trafo Theatre on Sunday, 11th of July 2010.

The residency organized by Workshop Foundation was a truly inspiring period for both of us. At first, we experienced a very good and strong team work and pleasant atmosphere designed by people of WSF. For us, a surrounding like this was very important and encouraging since we were enabled to relax, to easily go in the “flow of creativity” and have trust towards a hosting team. We felt very secure, supported and able to rely on them at any moment, whether we had difficulties on working/professional or private level. This also has a special importance, especially in situation when you come from abroad and work within different socio-cultural context. Beside this, we had one month of wonderful possibilities such are: nice and big working studio at Trafo as well as beautiful and inspiring stage of Trafo; then, opportunity to work with light technician and also with affirmed artists coming from Hungarian scene of contemporary dance and performing arts. In that sense, at some moments we felt like all these conditions are unbelievable, since we are coming from the context of Balkans in which opportunities and information are not on such an easy flow. A context which mostly forces young artists to fight very hard to get even some of basic clauses for realization of artistic projects.  

At the final level, we got productive feedback session from team of Workshop Foundation and audience after our presentation. And at this moment, we got feeling of reinforcement to find all the possible ways to present our new piece at the Balkans. So far we started negotiations with supporting NOMAD organizations in Belgrade (SRB) and Skopje (MK).

So, with no doubt we say that it was very creative and encouraging period for us. And this is why we are enormously thankful to Jardin d’Europe Workshop Foundation and also NDA network for supporting us in our artistic development. We truly support an idea to continue with these kinds of programs, since they seem to be very necessary.

Also, we wish them a lot of new ones, which will enable them to continuously develop further and create even bigger and bigger team of people.


Aleksandar Georgiev and Igor Koruga

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