Canan Yücel (TR) was chosen by Bimeras for the educational program organised by Workshop Foundation. She worked with the contemporary dance company The Symptoms led by Réka Szabó and she took
part in Kontakt Budapest Festival (HU).

Within the frames of the program, Canan Yücel participated in the 9. International Improvisation Festival organized by Kontakt Budapest (www.kontaktbudapest.hu) and then in the workshops of the company The
Symptoms (http://tunetegyuttes.hu).


feedback report Canan Yücel

I, Canan Yücel, had the opportunity to be in Budapest. Two weeks program schedule which was great, was concerning Kontakt Budapest Festival and Syptoms Workshop. In Festival area, on first day, it was very suprising for me to see Petra in  iDANS Festival Tshirt, festival which built up by Bimeras organsaion in Istanbul. She is so nice that she helped me about everthing. First week I was staying in a place which is very close to the festival area. The place I was staying and festival building was next to each other. By this way, I could spend a full day there begining with yoga with Kéri Judit at 09.00 continuing with Tal Avni intensive and Bakó Tamás, Rózsavölgyi Zsuzsa’s project ending with the open jams nearly at 24.00. It was so nice to begin the day with Kéri Judit’s beautiful face and energy. Tamás and Zsuzsa were working on trios. Project was so good that I learned so many thing from them. We worked on different movement qualities. There was something special in the atmosphere of the festival, builded by the teachers and organizers. I wish we had contact improvisation festival like this here in Istanbul. Also festival area SIN Art Center was a really nice place serving delicious cheap meal. Festival also gave us a chance to have massage by paying little bit. During festival week I thought that I wouldn’t have time to see the city so, as soon as I arrived to Budapest I took a sightseeing bus for two hours. The city and river Duna was amazing. The last day of festival we went together to Széchenyi Fürdő, hot water helped my muscels to be more relax J At night with friends from festival we went to Margit Island. On second week I moved to a nice flat near Andrássy street. I joined The Symptoms workshop. Studying with Réka Szabó changed my approach to dance. I get many improvisation techniques from her. I had chance to be with actors in same workshop. To sum up, the residency that I got from Workshop Foundation was a great chance for me. Workshop Foundation Team was so friendly and professional. This two week was encouraging period for me. I returned home with a lot of inspiration and new energy.

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