The Workshop Foundation selected Firat Kuscu from Turkey, nominated by Bimeras, from the applications form the Jardin d’Europe network for this residency. He was accompanied by his musician from Berlin and worked with him at the Workshop Foundation and Trafó – House of Contemporary Arts (HU).

The two artists rehearsed their own performance from June 6 to June 25 in the Studio of Workshop Foundation, followed by a working progress in the theatre hall of Trafó, where they could work with a light technician and the stage lights.
The residency was finished by a work-in-progress presentation. The provided studios and support that the Workshop Foundation offered these two artists proved to be a perfect environment for their working condition.



feedback report Firat Kuscu

I’m Firat Kuşçu a dancer-choreographer from Istanbul contemporary dance scene. I try to work, create here in Istanbul. I think, the contemporary dance field is in great development but very slowly in Turkey. I can say; unfortunately there is almost any subsidy for contemporary dance. We; the choreographers, dancers, dilettantes are trying to get manage by ourselves. The conditions of the studios, full schedules are always a problem to deal. It is really hard to find a studio to work and to create. Limited number of studios and limited possibilities are driving the choreographer’s situation into hard way in creation process, also for developing the idea and the piece. Still I’m working hard to force and break the limits to go further both in life and in my art.
The residency that I got from Workshop Foundation was an amazing chance for me. I was in Budapest, away from my home, from my daily life thoughts, away from anything except my piece. The only thing was researching and working in my mind which was also a bit tiring and stressing. I had three weeks with wonderful possibilities such as studio, stage, opportunity to work with lights with technician and the budget for travel costs and stage needs. Also the team of Workshop Foundation was very friendly, helpful and very professional. I also had a work in progress performance which was quite important to show and to share ideas. According to the feedbacks my piece is still developing.
So, I can say that it was very creative and encouraging period for me. I had my confidence back that I was feeling that I was losing it because of the feeling of impossibilities of circumstances. So I must say that, I’m really very thankful to Jardin d’Europe and Workshop Foundation over and over again not just as an artist but also as a young person for providing opportunity to create and I must also add that this writing is the hardest for the hole period. : ) 
Shiny days
Firat Kuşçu 

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