After the international call for applications by the partners of the
Jardin d’Europe network for the Jardin d’Europe Wild Cards 2009, the
Workshop Foundation received several applications for this scholarship and
selected Ivaylo Dimitrov from Bulgaria, nominated by Lokomotiva. Ivaylo
Dimitrov took part in the residency at the Company ST and Kontakt Budapest
Festival. The organizer Workshop Foundation covered the travel and workshop

Ivaylo Dimitrov took part in the 8th International Improvisation
Festival, which was organised by Kontakt Budapest. In the first part of
September he joined in to the workshop activity of Company ST – the company
of Eszter Gál. He took part in the dance marathon on September 5 and 6, which
was organised by Workshop Foundation. From September 11-13, he attended the
course of Martin Keogh, organised by Kontakt Budapest.


feedback report Ivaylo Dimitrov

Budapest.Summer of 2009 .

First there was Budapest Contact festival, meeting of a dancers from different countries and wonderful teachers. It was a very intensive 10 days of training, workshops, dancing all day and jams at the nights. It brought me so much joy. The possibility to do something that I love, dancing Contact Improvisation and learning more and more about it, but in new cultural medium was unique chance. I had my own challenges to open ,and break down barriers of communication to all this new , not known people. There was something special in the atmosphere of the festival, builded by the teachers and organizers of the event Gal Ester and Workshop Foundation. Atmosphere without ambition for selves prove. Instead of pressing individuality full acceptance and creating a space for honesty, shearing and integrity. That helps me a lot to plunge into the flow of dance and communication, feeling free to meet new friends. At the last closing performance night we all sung a song proposed by Nancy Stark Smith -"Break'm all down, break'm all this walls between us".

For the last few years I've been teaching Contact improvisation in Sofia , and this experience I had at the festival, helped me to realize more the beauty and power of Contact improvization to unite the people. This inspired me, and recharged me to work for creating a contact community and organizing Jams here in Bulgaria.

The Second stage of visiting Budapest was a week of creative work whit company ST. I could participate in the research process of creation on new piece called "The Garden". The interesting was how they started research the dance material through theater practices, by acting tasks, creating dramatic situations, and work whit the text and dance. Although my background is from theater I was provoked to go further of understanding how theater and dance could work together. I was invited to play whit the members of the company, to feel free to propose solutions of the tasks, and for this week I felt accepted like partner of their work. And again there was this creative atmosphere of not ambitions, giving time and less pressure. There was lot of lightness and humor. It was also a chance to create a friendship whit some members of the company. And in the and of that week I felt I really want to continue working whit the group.
At the second week I that stayed I had opportunity again for intensive dance training, a participation in Dance marathon and visiting classes in Trafo, the Contact Workshop with Martin Keogh a wonderful ending for my visiting to Budapest. That was all covered by Workshop Foundation.
As I'm a freelance artist from Bulgaria, a country with much lower standard of living according to the other EU countries, this program was amazing opportunity to meet teachers that I had dreamed of like Nancy Stark Smith and to work whit colleagues from other countries. All the expenses covered by Workshop Foundation as per diem, transport , accommodation, and the easiness of communication whit them created me a comfort to put all my focus on the artistic research and training, and to visit a cultural events and performances in Budapest for the period. I find that program have very good balance of intensive training, artistic research, and private time that created an exiting experience for me, a chance for connections whit the artists from the region, with who I would like to work in the future. And of course I have learned many new skills that I would apply to my artistic career and teaching. This summer of 2009 in Budapest have left a trace in my heart. It influenced me as a person. At the end of the last workshop I talked to Gal Ester, and she gave me also this observation that finds me changed, more open and connected.

                                                                                                  Sofia 23.10 2009 

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