Khyle Eccles (UK) and Helen Duncan (UK), nominated by the Southbank Centre and selected for this workshop by Ultima Vez, were offered the opportunity to join a workshop with internationally acclaimed dancer and teacher Laura Arís Alvarez. The workshop focused on the use of the body centre,
the big power source. The class was built progressively from stretching and technical parts to very physical and dynamic phrases. Ultima Vez covered the workshop fee, accommodation, travel and per diem costs.

The workshop was mainly based on the acquisition of technical dance skills. By using the skeleton structure and muscular chains, participants found fluidity and freedom in their own movement, learning to recycle energy. They explored body mechanisms that allow them to reach physical extremes while
protecting the body at the same time. Slowly some theatrical inputs gave meaning to the movements, and helped the participants to perform rather than just learn them. Movement was approached through energy and clear images not just as a merely technical vision of dance. Besides this, Eccles and Duncan could
acquire knowledge of the local Belgian dance scene and were introduced as well to the special education measurements, applied by the Belgian/Spanish teacher.

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