The Hungarian artist Csilla Nagy, nominated by Workshop Foundation, was chosen from a large pool of applications, presented by the partners of the Jardin d’Europe network. The workshop was based on the
physical energy of the work of Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus, on focussing on floor- and duo work. The participants explored concepts such as: risk, trust, moving with necessity, instinct, self-protection, how to protect somebody else, speed, fragility, softness, weakness, tension etc. The organizer Ultima Vez
covered accommodation, travel, per diem, as well as the workshop fee.

The one week long program offered a challenging training such as technical exercises, partnering, improvisation and creative work. The 5 hours long sessions had been built up consciously and purposefully. Besides the technical progression, the participants had the chance to get in intensive contact with each other and develop networks for future collaborations.


feedback report Csilla Nagy

 had the great opportunity to take the Ultima Vez (Belgium) workshop by German Jauregui   in July 13-17, 2009 as a resident artist in the frame of Jardin D’ Europe Wild Cards program.

The one-week long program offered me a challenging training as strong technical exercises, partnering, improvisation and creative work. The 5 hours long sessions had been built up consciously, purposefully and German’s personality as a teacher had created a nice, friendly and free atmosphere for the participants.  The only question I had after the workshop:   Whom is this organised for? Several times during the sessions I found the level a bit too easy as a professional dancer.

Besides the technical progression, I had the chance to meet exciting people among my fellows, and make networks with them for further collaboration as an artist.

All the conditions that  I was offered were satisfying as the financial support for the travel expenses, the per diems as well as the communication and the help form the contact person of the company. For the accommodation eventually I had found my own solution, because I preferred staying with my Hungarian friend, member of Ultima Vez (reducing a bit the expenses).

Without this precious possibility of Jarden D’ Europe I could hardly afford to take this workshop.

Thank you very much for the support.

I wish you a successful work in the future.

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