Feedback about the Critical Endeavour program in Bucharest


The accommodation and the kindness of the organisers were great.

We only missed – and really very missed – the information (every kind of information) during our workshop session, and before arriving to Bucharest (airplane ticket, costs, mentors, method of the workshop, other participants and their articles, accommodation, details about the festival, guide in Bucharest, where to go and when...). The first e-mail from Bucharest had arrived two days before our departure. Of course, later we learned that a NATO meeting in the same area had caused many difficulties to the organizers; still an e-mail in advance, explaining the situation, would have been useful and friendly.

The personality of the mentor is high of priority. Especially in a new group that has no established balance of forces. If the mentor is not able to focus on everybody, only on those who are loud and extroverted enough to talk all day long, the others will become silent. If the main voices are male voices, females may become very silent. Playing personal games for hold up to ridicule someone else’s opinion and view on aesthetics brings bad ethics into a group and creates bad moral and attitude.
A mentor with good criteria on how to judge performances can help the group’s working process. A mentor with empathy is also a treasure. Two mentors with deep interest in art would have created a calm atmosphere and would have supported aware judgement, if the group itself had not become a battlefield, already.

Pity that we only realized on the last day that our Romanian colleague had not received spending money for those workshop days, like others had...

That was a great experience to be a part of a jury, and that was also interesting to realise how cultural, political and artistic spheres of interest try to lobby for a prize, for a big amount of money. If a country or several are overrepresented at a festival’s program or in the jury, where is the guarantee that the best performer will get the prize?

Summarily, a well planned process with all necessary information is needed to help the work of the jury. And TIME - when writing and publishing articles are also on the task list of the program, maybe 7 days are just not enough to do everything. 


17 November 2011, Annamária Szoboszlai

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