Having participated in the Critical Endeavour in Bucharest 2011, I consider this program to carry possibility for being a rich and precious experience. Already by its position in the middle of a festival and its proposition to be a workshop and a jury at the same time, it confronts with problems that participants simply by the act of participating cannot not deal with. This program opens up to fundamental questions about performance, art in general and consequently about life and its organization, structure and values.

It is this possibility to give time and space for getting affected as much as for the process of coming to a (temporary) solution, which makes this program immensly important.


I wish, this possibility would have provided a confrontation with not knowing how to judge art as much as an insistence, that would exactly in and out of this knowledge have resisted to give up in any beliefs - neither in any immanence or transcendence behind/under/over the art work nor in the possibility of "not taking a decision" to be a not taken decision. All in all, I wish, there would have been a process - one that might have come up with a solution, a solution which could not have been known beforehand.


Unfortunately not the questions within the program, but the organization of the program itself became the problem: Participants were not informed about their rights and obligations beforehand, mentors were not present for the whole period of time and hence conditions for working changed constantly. Publishing texts or voting in the jury for example got communicated as a constraint and not as a possibility, while nobody answered if that had been the scholarship conditions from the very beginning. I finally wondered mainly about this question: How to critically think on the presented performances and what impliciations would this focus have, if the frame in which it happens, appears to be an inconsistent and careless performance itself?


My experience doesn't change the fact that this program has the possibility for being a rich and precious experience, a confrontation with new problems and thus the potential for new challenges and new motivation.

May the next version realize its possibilities.

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