The mentoring programme Critical Endeavour for emerging dance writers 2011 took place from October 7 - 15, 2011 within the frame of eXpore dance festival / Bucharest (RO).

Pieter T'Jonck (BE)
Tiago Bartolomeu Costa (PT)
João Carneiro (PT)

local support by:
Mihaela Michailov (RO)
Iulia Popovici (RO)
Gina Serbanescu (RO)

Robert Balan (RO)
Dehmen Bedirhan (TR)
Mirna Roncevic (HR)
Esther Severi (BE)
Verena Steiner (AT)
Reinhard Strobl (AT)
Karl Svantesson (SE)
Annamária Szoboszlai (HU)

The participants of Critical Endeavour followed a schedule of workshops, lectures, discussion and attending performances throughout the program.
Furthermore, they had the responsibility of nominating a winner for the Prix Jardin d'Europe 2011 among the 14 nominations.

"Looking at the whole of the 2011 eXplore dance festival in Bucharest we found ourselves, as critics, reflecting on the frame of this festival and the frame of any other contemporary dance and performance art festival in Europe.

We were in a complex situation, coming from different countries, with different backgrounds and expectations towards the performances, to the aesthetics and to art itself.

Within the 10 days, it became obvious to us, that, in the end, given all these individual approaches to the performances that we saw, it had to come to a majority of voting.

The jury chose the piece “A Gesture that is Nothing but a Threat” by Portuguese artists Sofia Dias and Vitor Roriz, as the winning production of Prix Jardin d’Europe 2011. The work of Dias and Roriz was awarded for “their thorough re-thinking and detailed investigation of the word, voice and sound in relation to embodiment. The piece achieved a personal identity by engaging in the ongoing questioning of the choreography through creative and physical labour; while at the same time opening up a poetic space of thoughts, feelings and, as the two performers enacted a very intimate discovery.”

Furthermore, the jury suggests two residencies, which will be given by the partners of Prix Jardin d’Europe.

For its intense physical investigation of construction dynamics and social relationships.
Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Cow’s Theory

For its individual and skilful approach to choreography, a meditation on the nature of the arts, the expectations of the audience, and the world itself.
Clement Layes, Allège"

Observator Cultural published an own supliment about the Prix Jardin d'Europe & Critical Endeveavour 2011 session
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by Verena Steiner

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by Reinhard Strobl

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