After a pre selection period in January 2008 where the artistic committee evaluated over 1000 application from 62 countries DD Dorvillier and Trajal Harrell - the artistic mentors of the Scholarship Programme 2008 - have chosen 66 artists from 39 countries to participate in the 5weeks further training programme for contemporary dance that took place from July 9th till August 13th, 2008 in Vienna.

The artistic mentors had the idea to initiate a blog on the website of danceWEB/Jardin d‘Europe one month before the start of the Programme. The aim was to set up a communication and meeting platform beforehand.
The idea was to develope a „public service project“ in the wide sence of the word. These projects were a leitmotif during the 5 weeks.
The 66 Scholarship holders were by chance divided into 10 groups and started to work intensly on different projects that have been introduced at regular „press conferences“. Projects as the „festival of short pleasures“, „the squarcle“ or „the shade map“ have been developed and some of them continued throughout the whole Programme.

While last year‘s programme very much focused on the individual, this year the groups and their interactions have been central during the 5 weeks. Or, to speak with the words of one of this years scholarship holders, Ran Brown: „Though, to my surprise, it was not the workshops and the performances that made the experience exceptional, but the opportunity to be a part of a group of artists, well chosen from all around the world, participating in this unique programme called danceWEB, or as the famous saying goes: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts“

The 94 performances at the ImPulsTanz festival offered to see the latest developements in contemporary dance throughout the world. The Scholarship recipients had free access to all shows and took the opportunity to watch and discuss the works of the invited companies.

The Workshop festival that started on July 14th was packed with 200 Workshops and Research Projects offered by 80 teachers. Every Scholarship holder had a personal schedule to meet their very individual needs and interests and could deepen and develop further their dance skills.

Every week a so called „Salon“ - a group meeting of all danceWEBers - with a special central theme - i.e. discussing the situation of dance in your home country - took place. It also offered a platform to present the development of the „public service projects“. Two showings have been organized that gave danceWEBers the opportunity to show and discuss own works. To the open „Talks“ the mentors have invited dance personalities to discuss latest issues in dance such as Hip Hop theory or the current situation of dance in New York.

On August 9th the Gala evening took place to introduce the danceWEBers to the press, the embassies and cultural institutes of the home countries of the participants and the supporters of danceWEB.

The five weeks of the Scholarship Programme are all about artistic development,  analyzing your personal position and to discover foreign, new and often unususal artistic contents and approaches. This meeting of artists at different stages of their artistic path, with different artistic, social and political backgrounds leads to a fertile dialogue that is an asset for future international cooperations.

„It might be too early to assume where will all of this lead to, but I feel that this discourse I have been a part of, is a significant land mark in my artistic development, and I wish to believe that seeds have been planted here, and they will sprout further along the way.“ (Ran Brown)

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