This is the report about the activities and results of the first 18 months of the NOMAD programme line of the Jardin d'Europe project, implemented from July 1 2008 till December 31 2009.

The main project goals for this period were directed towards

-Planning and preparing the programme's activities (education, research and promotion/production)

-Implementation of the Education Programme, implementation of one of the research (chain reaction and get together activities) and promotion activities (go out and dance and festivals in Sofia, Skopje and Belgrade)

-Planning of the other activities related to the Jardin d'Europe project (Prix Jardin d'Europe festival, Wild Cards - Residencies)

-Redefining the mission and the vision of the NOMAD network for the next period.

The activities and outcomes related to the main goals were:

- Call for applications and selection of the students for the Education Programme 2009

-Contacting local/regional teachers and institutions for collaboration (space, activities, etc.), setting rules, organizing and providing the local infrastructure (space, techniques, logistic, etc.)

- Research and definition of the local needs/capacities for other programme lines of NOMAD - Promotion, production and research

- Planning of the other activities related to Jardin d'Europe (Prix Jardin d'Europe festival and Residencies)

- Implementation of the NOMAD Education Programme and its evaluation (started March 16, 2008 in Skopje and ended June 10, 2008 in Ljubljana)

- Implementation of other programmes - Get together (research) and Go Out and Dance (promotion) and their evaluation

- Implementation of the series of promotion activities: Go Out and Dance in all cities in the region and festival Antistatic in Sofia, festival LocoMotion in Skopje and festival Kondenz in Belgrade

- Improvement of the local organizations' capacities and enlargement of their cultural significance in the local and regional context

- Creating the strategic planning of NOMAD for the next five years

- Presenting the NOMAD project through the network partners of Jardin d'Europe and on different gatherings, meetings and conferences

- Publishing information on the Jardin d'Europe website

- Providing information about Contemporary Dance issues within the Balkan Region and in Europe for all Contemporary Dance users - students, pre-professionals, professionals, critics, theoreticians, policy makers et al.

- Communication through magazines

- Creating concepts for a magazine for Contemporary Dance in the Balkan region and a booklet for the NOMAD Dance Academy three year programme

- Defining or improving all the elements (bodies, protocols of collaboration, communication, etc.) of the working structure

- Creating a strategy and accessing all kinds of funds and investing self-sustainable activities as well as production

- Locally and regionally fundraising

In this period, the activities of LOKOMOTIVA and STATION were steered towards coordinating the overall programme and balancing the finances, making and implementing the financial plan, all needed payments as well as the documents related to those payments (students travel, teachers travel, fees for teachers, technical needs, infrastructure, accommodation, design, printing etc.). LOKOMOTIVA and STATION's representatives Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski and Marijana Cvetkovic, together with Dragana Alfirevic coordinated the above mentioned as part of the Coordination Office (CO) activities. Violeta Kachakova was assisting the Coordination Office. The Coordination Office was preparing PR materials, fundraising, internal monitoring, reporting and evaluation of the processes.

Team and structure

NOMAD was realized within the planned human resources and structure. The structure consists of two main bodies - the Artistic Board (AB) and the Coordination Office (CO), which operate in coordination with the local partners, i.e. the organization-members of the NOMAD network: Fico Balet (Ljubljana), Tala Dance Center (Zagreb), Tanzelarija (Sarajevo), Stanica Service for Contemporary Dance (Belgrade), BrainStoreProject (Sofia) and Lokomotiva (Skopje).

The Artistic Board, started with the rule of rotation, one of the AB members stepped out while a new member was elected. The year after, another member of AB stepped out and was replaced by a new one. A new member of AB from July 2009 is Willy Prager, and Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld stepped out. The Artistic Board from July 2009 until July 2010 consists of Dalija Acin, Goran Bogdanovski and Willy Prager.

Within the CO, a new person was nominated: Hrvoje Matasovic was invited by the Croatian partner Tala. He is working on the financial planning and fundraising, as well as on other elements, on request of other CO members. He is introduced into the working structure in order step by step to replace one of the CO members after July. The Coordination Office through LOKOMOTIVA and STATION coordinated the funds from the Culture 2007 - 2013 Programme. CO has employed part-time financial collaborators as additional support.

Unexpected specific conditions

There were no unexpected specific issues so far, only foreseen ones that AB and CO dealt with as planned.


1. Activity line: Education

The main activities in the Education Programme were to finish the programme (schedule, time line, teaching staff) and to select students.

All these activities were successfully implemented and reported regularly by the responsible bodies (Artistic Board and Coordination Office). These reports provide detailed information

on each phase of the programme in each host city, with a special emphasis on the final phase and presentation of the students' works (Short Cuts) in Ljubljana.

In September 2008, a first draft of the Education Programme 2009 was made, based on the evaluation of the Education Programme 2007 and plans for further improvement of the programme.

The call for applications for NOMAD 2009 was launched in September 2008.

13 NOMAD students (Bor Pungercic, Ana Schnabl (SLO), Martina Nevistic, Marko Kalc (HRV), Igor Koruga, Katina Diskov (SRB), Nikolina Todorova, Zhana Pencheva (BG), Aleksandar Georgiev (MK), Lejla Muhic (BIH), Larrere Céline (FRA), Ruta Nordmane (LAT), Elia Rubin Mrak Blumberg (USA), who successfully fulfilled their Education Programme, were given the NOMAD Diploma for successful participation in NOMAD 2009. More than 30 dance artists, pedagogues, theoreticians, experts and creative people were employed by the NOMAD programme to make an outstanding Education Programme unique in Europe. Six local organizations - Tanzelarija, Lokomotiva, BrainStoreProject, Stanica, Tala and Fico Balet - used their capacities to create an event in their cities attended also by local artists, students, pedagogues (outreach programmes) as well as to create new partnerships for the future. The evaluation of the programme confirmed that we fulfilled our goals and that we made an important progress in the implementation of the project.


An elaborated process of evaluation was realized: the evaluation criteria and forms were fixed in advance in order to get a complex overview of the evaluation done by the NOMAD students, pedagogues involved in the programme, external experts as well as the self-evaluation of the NOMAD team and local partners.

Students evaluation:

The general feeling of the NOMAD students is that they have gone through a very intense process of learning and creating and that they are all very satisfied with what has been offered to them. The content of the Education Programme was excellent and they emphasized the need of residencies. They were very satisfied having residencies in Kanjiza and Ptuj, where they could work on their creations (Short Cuts). They were all satisfied with the presentation and communication with the local scenes. Remarks were made on additional needs such as to have a "guide", who would help them with some of their needs in the cities (e.g. to find institutions and shops, to organize picnics out of the city).

They all stated that the creation, preparation and performing of Short Cuts were a very rewarding experience, where they could compile and give shape to their experience of the whole education process and present their ideas on stage.

Variety of ideas, concepts and approaches to performance work showed that students were openly creating, conceiving and presenting their ideas in the best possible way. There was a remarkable group collaboration on stage but also through the whole process of the Education Programme. The group was very much oriented towards itself, which had positive and negative effects. A positive aspect is that they are networking and collaborating intensively, even after the programme is finished, which is the effect of a strong group; a negative aspect is that such a group is not ready to open itself, as could be strongly noticed at some moments of the Education Programme. Anyway, through different conversations as well as approaches of the mentors and coordinators, the group managed to open towards other opinions and reflections. 

Teachers evaluation: This evaluation mostly dealt with the concept of the Education Programme and gave suggestions for its improvement. The teachers expressed their satisfaction about participating in a unique programme like NOMAD, but also tried to sharpen the pedagogical methods and to suggest adequate organizational forms that would raise the quality and competence of the programme in future.

External evaluation:

We had the possibility to work with Andrew Holland on the evaluation in Ljubljana, who made following remarks on the Education Programme:

 "The program has developed a lot since the first edition. The concept is unique (different countries, interdisciplinary, involvement of local scene and of audience, political work etc.). The profile is getting clearer and clearer and the project is attracting international attention (several new or potential collaborations). The quality of the performances was mixed, but considering the length of the program (only 12 weeks) and the background of the students, I was positively surprised by the showings. The students took risks and tried to find their own individual language. NOMAD Dance Academy/NDA is aware of certain difficulties and will continue working on the content of the Educational Program. Although the Educational Program is going in a good direction, there are still some more strategic questions to be addressed: General Vision of NOMAD, goals of each program part (and how do the go together), future position of NDA in the "dance (education) market", how to keep ex-students involved and how to use NDA as a tool to develop dance in general in the region etc. These strategic questions should be discussed as soon as possible (also to avoid that NDA starts dissipating its energy). Ideally the discussions would be prepared by a smaller group with enough decision power to avoid that every detail has to be discussed at the plenary meeting."

We had the possibility to invite guests to the evaluation meeting and the conference in Ljubljana at the end of the Education Programme. Guests (programmers, producers, choreographers and others) made general comments on the programme - they emphasized that the project is unique, makes the dance in the region interesting, achieves intercultural and interdisciplinary cooperation through an innovative model of organization in education, holds interesting topics of artistic interest, develops directly the network in the region and internationally, develops lobbying and mutual support in a wider geographical region and introduces high professional standards implemented in administrative and artistic levels of the project.

After the Education Programme, some students were invited to the Mladi Levi festival in Ljubljana, to the LocoMotion festival in Skopje, to the festival Zvrk in Sarajevo as well as to the project "red line", in which two NOMAD students, Lejla Muhic from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Aleksandar Georgiev from Macedonia worked together with the Italian company Pathosformel on their performance "Volta", which will be shown at the second edition of "tanzelarija a Danze D'Autunno" (section of the "Danze d' Autunno" festival in Venice dedicated to tanzelarija). Lejla and Aleksandar will also present their Short Cuts at the festival.

More information about who is doing what after NOMAD, the collaboration tours of the Short Cuts can be found at: http://nowmadcrew.blogspot.com/2009_06_01_archive.html

2. Activity line: Promotion

Promotion activities were Go Out and Dance programme, Short Cuts and festivals in Skopje, Sofia and Belgrade. All activities were multifunctional and manifold, depending on the local context, specific goals and specific occasions. Each partner organization designed and planned its promotion activities locally, while the Coordination Office and Artistic Board directed the international promotion of the project through presentations at the conferences, gatherings, foreign partners' venues and events, through interviews, texts and press as well as through "NOMAD mediators".

Go Out and Dance was a very successful event and evaluated as such and will continue in 2010, but more in the direction of an artistic event that will promote artistic ideas. 

Short Cuts 2 was the final event of the NOMAD Education Programme 2009 where all students presented their solo or group work, produced in a professional way by the large team gathered by Fico Balet.

The event turned out to be an exciting festival of Contemporary Dance, with a lot of audience and great publicity. Several performances were immediately invited to other festivals (Mladi Levi, Ljubljana, Platform of Young Choreographers, Zagreb, Zvrk, Sarajevo, Lokomotion, Skopje etc.). They performed at the venues of Ljubljana Dance Theater, DIC Kreatorij, Kino Dvor. As part of the Short Cuts, young critics from the School of Young Critics were engaged to follow the event. They produced reviews about each performance.

STATION organized the second edition of Kondenz festival held from November 9 -12, 2009 at the European Center for Culture and Debate GRAD in Belgrade. The festival was curated by Dalija Acin and Dragana Alfirevic. It presented four cutting-edge performances from Europe. The aim of Kondenz is to present independent productions and innovative works, which often deal with the questions on nature of dance/art itself. Our goal is to detect what is missing in the festival map of Belgrade and Serbia. We are dedicated to educate audiences that do not have the chance to see this kind of works otherwise. It is a very specific curatorial position that we are trying do develop and from the very beginning, the profile of the festival  Kondenz  has been different from other. This is recognized by the audience but also by the international performing artists. The opening night was hosted by Ivo Dimchev's "Concerto".

One specificity of this Kondenz Festival was that choreographers performed in their own works, which made the contact with the audience easier and more direct.

Kondenz attracted between 400 and 500 visitors and has been subject in twenty-two different media (magazines, TV and radio stations and daily newspapers). Journalists from the biggest national TV station visited the festival and realized a documentary film. Two local TV stations made announcements on the first and third day of the festival. Within the network of NOMAD Dance Academy, there is a great interest to establish a network of festivals as a platform associating all our partners. This would enable us to co-curate performances, to create programs together, as well as to profit through sharing knowledge and information. One of the first meetings of this platform is foreseen in the beginning of 2010.

One of the side programs of Kondenz 09 was the Fast Forward project, organized in cooperation with InterCult from Stockholm and supported by the Swedish Institute. The programme included young choreographers and video artists from the Balkan region, who created six video dance works. They went through a working process led by Swedish visual artist Katarina Nitch and choreographer Anna Koche. The participants came from Serbia (NOMAD student Igor Koruga), Bosnia and Herzegovina (NOMAD student Lejla Muhic), Kosovo and Macedonia (NOMAD student Aleksandar Georgiev).

STATION also organized the presentation of the young Contemporary Dance scene from Croatia in cooperation with Ex Scena from Zagreb. Eight performances were showed at Bitef Theater and Magacin in Kraljevica Marka along with public round tables and discussions about various issues that concern regional Contemporary Dance scenes.

STATION hosted the performance of NOMAD 2008 teacher Francesco Scavetta and his company WEE from Norway, "AND I JUST STOOD THERE, WATCHING THE SKY AND THE PEOPLE BELOW2, presented at Belgrade Drama Theater on October 6, 2009.

In order to promote the Contemporary Dance, during the implementation of the NOMAD education program in Skopje, LOKOMOTIVA, in collaboration with the Macedonian Opera and Balet, Stanica, BrainStore and the WEE company from Norway, lead by the choreographer Francesco Scaveta, presented the performance AND I JUST STOOD THERE, WATCHING THE SKY AND THE PEOPLE BELOW, produced in 2007. The performance was an introduction to the LocoMotion festival 2007.

LOKOMOTIVA organized the first contemporary choreography festival LocoMotion - MRDNI SE! as the most visible promotion activity of NOMAD for 2008 in Macedonia. The festival took place from October 26 to November 1, 2008, in the Macedonian National Theatre and Cultural Centre Tocka. MRDNI SE was chosen as sub-title or slogan in Macedonian to communicate the message to the general public with the aim to call them to come to the theatre (in Macedonian: ‘'Mrdni se, napravi nesto so svojot um i telo, mrdni se od mesto, od staticna Tocka, od pred televizor, Mrdni se i odi vo teatar!'') The festival started with the dance film Enter Achilles by DV8 Physical Theatre, presented in the Cultural Centre Tocka.

The festival programme aims to present performances identified as Contemporary Dance on the European scene, and thereby demonstrate the versatility and innovation of Contemporary Dance as some of the crucial aspects of art creation today. With the festival, we would like to stress the importance of independent, innovative authors and productions by familiarizing the audience with Contemporary Dance. We would like to fill a gap in our local scene by presenting new, progressive, innovative forms and independent authors instead of large productions. Finally, as a modest attempt, the festival would like to start an initiative to revise cultural policies in our country and the region in order to open them up to the continuing processes of artistic innovation and to making room for new media of expression in art and culture.


"NEEM", 20', Concept: Aleksandra Janeva (BE/HR) and Pisteffo (BE); Choreography: Aleksandra Janeva;

"JOHN", 20', Creation and performance: Goran Bogdanovski (SI), Creation process and directing: Tomi Janeič (SI);

"IMAGO", 30', Concept: Violeta Vitanova, Stanislav Genadiev (BG), Choreography: Violeta Vitanova, Stanislav Genadiev, with the cooperation of the dancers;

"VILLAGER", 10', Choreography and Dance: Marijana Savovska (MK/DE);

"FORMULA", 25', Concept, choreography and performance: Iskra Šukarova (MK) and Dejan Srhoj (SI),

"ONE WAY INSIDE", 17', Choreography and performance: Kire Miladinoski (MK) and "HOMO CANIS", 15', Choreography and performance: Kire Gjorevski (MK).

A conference was organized under the title What is Contemporary Dance? This activity aimed to raise the visibility of the Contemporary Dance as well as to raise questions that are considered as important in the Macedonian as well as in the regional contexts. The discussion consisted of presentations of the Contemporary Dance scenes in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and of the partner organizations of the NOMAD Dance Academy project; the discussion dealt with stage needs, the cultural policy and development of the art form in the region, the cultural and political influence of Contemporary Dance and its significance in creating new theoretical discourses.

The title of the conference was chosen to describe the Lokomotiva discourse: "We consider Contemporary Dance as a contemporary generator of new forms of expression and as use of the body in continuous interaction with cultural parameters, new technological achievements, media, music etc., that is, breaking the form of the classical ballet and re-appropriates modern ballet forms. A form that is continuously self-questioning and open to new possibilities."

Guests of the discussion were Sonja Zdravkova - Dceparoska (dance critic and professor); Willy Prager (BrainStore Proiect, Bulgaria); Dalija Acin and Dragana Alfirevic (Station - Service for Contemporary Dance, Serbia); Tamara Curic (TALA Dance Center, Croatia), Alexandra Janeva (an independent choreographer and dancer, living and working in Brussels and Zagreb); Stefania Kregl (Tanzelarija, Bosnia and Herzegovina); Goran Bogdanovski and Dejan Srhoj (Fico Balet, Slovenia) and the moderator of the discussion was Slavco Dimitrov (activist, researcher and theoretician)

A pubic relation strategy was developed to raise the visibility for the Contemporary Dance as an art form that communicates with its interdisciplinary artistic approach and innovation in the creation, using the body as medium in interaction with the cultural parameters and other media. The festival was introduced as a space where this message can be sent and new creations from the region could be seen. A press conference was organized before the beginning of the festival and the festival programme was continuously followed by the print and electronic media. 

The PR communication materials were a catalogue, a flyer and a video spot. A video spot of the festival was broadcasted in the national TVs Telma and A1/2, which were the media sponsors of the festival as well. 

The second edition of the Contemporary Dance festival LocoMotion was the most visible promotion activity of NOMAD 2009 in Macedonia. The festival took place from October 29 to November 7 2009 in the Macedonian National Theatre, the Macedonian Opera and the Youth Cultural Centre.

Movement as meaning was chosen as motto for the festival to stress the fact that Contemporary Dance is an art form, which, through the signs in various concepts, communicates with us on different levels. The motto addressed the general public with the aim to differentiate this art form from other dance forms such as popular or modern dance that are more familiar to the audience than Contemporary Dance.

The festival started with the Fast Forward Laboratory Skopje, dedicated to the question How can Contemporary Dance contribute to the development of cultural institutions? A workshop was organised with the aim to support the reflection about Contemporary Dance as an art form that contributes to the development of the contemporary cultural institutions (from museums to theatres) through different programmes. We discussed how Contemporary Dance can enable audience development while being included as an art form into exhibitions, education and training programmes of cultural institutions. The discussion opened different questions concerning the dance policy that were discussed with examples of dance policy in Sweden and Macedonia. In the opening performance non-professionals were included, which illustrates how Contemporary Dance can contribute to the social development. While creating the performance, the group of 25 people (from 13 years to 60, different ethnicities and nationalities) grew together and future collaborations are highly possible. Art drew them closer and personally contributed to each of them on different levels. We will organize a meeting with all of them at the end of December to discuss more closely their opinion about the process and their idea about the future collaboration. 

One evening was dedicated to the presentation of the NOMAD Dance Academy students from the first and second year with the aim to make the Education Programme more visible and transparent.

A public relation strategy was developed in order to raise the visibility for Contemporary Dance as an art form that communicates on different levels through various signs and concepts - the choreographic scores. This was communicated through the motto of the festival Movement as a meaning, which implies that Contemporary Dance has different meanings communicated by various authors, different concepts developed by diverse researches of the body, communication with various subjects, the existence in certain contexts, relations to given media and actions, and placement in different situations. As Bojana Kunst states in her text  Performing the Other / The Eastern Body,  we need to "open up the body in-between with all different possibilities: volatile, impossible, energetic, translatable, vague, incomprehensible, attractive, magnetic, inappropriate, alluring, disgusting, crazy, etc". She also adds that these possibilities are "exactly the possibilities researched in the body of Contemporary Dance and it is no coincidence that the development of Contemporary Dance goes along with different concepts of understanding the body"." The selection of the festival was programmed and communicated in that direction. 

A press conference was organized before the beginning of the festival with guests like Isabelle Schad and Bruno Pocheron. The festival was continuously followed by the print and electronic media. A catalogue and a video spot were produced, the latter was broadcasted in the national TVs Telma and Alfa, which were the media sponsors of the festival as well.

A final conference was organized in Ljubljana on June 22, 2008, as part of the finalisation of the Education Programme 2009. "Put on the Red Shoes and..." was the title of the conference that was held at the Slovenian Academy for Arts and Science.

With the title - the metaphor of the Red Shoes - we wanted to explain the self-perpetuating urge to move, create and organise, and to explore the question about which we seldom speak in public: "What is it that propels us and keeps us creative regardless of circumstances?" We approach the Contemporary Dance not only as the movement of bodies, but also as the movement of mind, of thoughts communicating and always already including "the other". A related question in this context was: "How and where this personal drive inhabits the city and its social realities?" Moderator was Rok Vevar. Rok Vevar is active in the field of Contemporary Dance as a publicist, dramaturge, critic, editor and theatre director, and he is a new member of the decision making body of NOMAD Dance Academy.

This conference was aiming at employing experiences of the participants for the discussion of issues, such as: dance and the city; choreography of crowds; mind as a muscle; static and mobile qualities of dance; the manner in which artistic procedures reflect life in cities, and vice versa; contemporary art as primary urban phenomenon.

It was held in the form of a round table for all the participants: partners, organizers, students of NOMAD Dance Academy, representatives of local authorities from the City of Ljubljana and the Ministry of Culture, representatives of local scene, and external collaborators and advisers of NOMAD Dance Academy. The discussion on different questions was held in groups. The conclusions of the discussion will be used for the research and presentation programmes of NOMAD Dance Academy 2010.

Local festivals and small Contemporary Dance presentations in the frame of the NOMAD programme were organized in Sofia and Zagreb, which proved to be a highly efficient tool for the promotion of NOMAD and its outputs in the Balkan cultural context. In Sofia, BrainStoreProject organized the festival Antistatic that enabled the NOMAD students to get acquainted with the contemporary Bulgarian dance production, and being an event for the local audience and the place for the meeting among NOMAD students and local artists. The meeting of the Jardin d'Europe partners was held in Sofia during the Antistatic Festival and the NOMAD Dance Academy Education Programme as well. The partners of the network had the possibility to meet students as well as to inform themselves about the Bulgarian and regional dance scene. In Zagreb, Tala Dance Centre organized the 10 years' jubilee of the Platform of Young Choreographers where one of the students from NOMAD 2009, Martina Nevestic, was presented. The NOMAD partners were invited to present the project as well as to see performances and meet international partners.

3.  Other activities: PR and fundraising

The public relation plan of the NOMAD project during 2009, produced by CO, consists of the continuation of the plan from the first year and is conceived as a series of continual activities that addresses the following target groups: professionals (dancers and choreographers), journalists and critics, cultural professionals, policy makers and a wide audience.

The activities are designed on three levels of presentation: 1) dance community at the national/local level (level of each country), 2) wide audience and arts and culture community at the Regional level (audience outreach, audience development, engagement of different cultural institutions...), 3) international presentation (dance community, cultural and performing arts networks, founders...).

In the frame of the strategy, we planned to produce the final book in 2010 and to have an information about 2009 programmes to be distributed and announced through the website of NOMAD Dance Academy as well as through the website of Jardin d'Europe. The website www.NOMADdanceacedemy.org is updated and will be redesigned in 2010 in order to follow the development of the programme.

All local partners exchanged the photo and video material from their phases of the NOMAD Education Programme, creating a large visual database for the second NOMAD year.

Very systematic public relations were done prior to the organisation of Short cuts and of the Conference. By announcing the events in the local media (between 1000 and 15000 people), on different web portals (around 50.000 people) and by using mailing lists of Fico Balet and Bunker (1000 people), the audience has been informed and invited to the events. 

The Short Cuts were attended by approximately 400 spectators in two nights. The audience

was various in age and profile; it was consisting mainly of artists, programmers, managers, business people and students. The feedback and comments of the audience and mentors were very positive, stating that the material shown carried a very good potential to develop in whole-length pieces. We could test some of the ideas in a very much competitive and professionally developed surrounding, therefore, we think it was good decision to keep the last event in Ljubljana.

4. Research and Production

The research activity was designed to support artistic and theoretical research in Contemporary Dance in the Balkans and is especially dedicated to the professionals, who actively work on the development of NOMAD. Therefore, research is the investment in the future development of NOMAD and its human resources. This programme line should enable the formation of the archive of NOMAD. It will be available to all interested individuals for their future art, research and theory projects on the NOMAD website, in media centres, and as printed material. This archive will facilitate the creation of the ‘'memory'' of the regional dance scene development.

Research programmes this year were: Get together, a residential stay of three DMB members in Czech Republic, where they met and worked together on future ideas and concepts.

As a member of the Jardin d'Europe network, NOMAD took part in several programmes and contributed with its artistic and organizational capacities:

- Organization of Jardin d'Europe meeting in Sofia from April 1-4 2009: this was an opportunity for all Jardin d'Europe partners to see the NOMAD Education Programme - phase in Sofia as well as the Antistatic Festival;

- Participation of our representatives in Critical Endeavour programme in Vienna 2008 and in Brussels 2009

- Participation of young artists in the Wild Card - residencies

- Selection of young emerging artists from the local dance scene for Co-productions and the Prix Jardin d'Europe 2008 and 2009