The danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2010 took place from July 14 - August 18, 2010 in the frame of ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival and welcomed 69 emerging dancers from 34 countries. It started with the selection process by the Artistic Committee in January 2010, the final participants were chosen out of 1013 applications by this year’s artistic mentors Sarah Michelson (USA/UK) and Yasuko Yokoshi (USA/JP).

Sarah Michelson and Yasuko Yokoshi started their program with the so called “WEBbers” by questioning and reflecting mentorship in order for each participant to be able to express what this term holds for them in general and what they expected from the danceWEB artistic mentors 2010 in particular. In order to be able to situate their own status quo in an artistic context, the ImPulsTanz “stage” history was analyzed with the focus on which company was performing on which stage and if some shifting in the course of the years happened. In order to provide the participants with a better understanding of the festival, its history and background, Rio Rutzinger, the director of danceWEB, was invited to provide such information during the first Salon. Throughout the whole danceWEB Scholarship Programme three Salons, weekly gatherings thematically structured by the artistic mentors, took place in order for the participants to come together as a group and continue working with what they started during the first days of danceWEB. This is all the more necessary as the schedule of each single participant is based on individual choices of workshops, research projects and performances. The danceWEB scholarship holders can arrange their schedule out of an enormous offer from ImPulsTanz: 170 workshops, 15 research projects by 120 teachers, assistants and musicians and 95 performances by 36 companies. This self-structured nature of the individual schedules follows very much the agenda of Sarah Michelson and Yasuko Yokoshi, which they tried to keep up for the entire five weeks: provide an non-structured atmosphere that can nurture discussions and collaborations amongst everybody participating. During the last three reflection days of the Scholarship Programme this system was discussed and evaluated based on the results that were achieved. Amongst others, a network started to be developed to promote worldwide mobility for everybody involved, based on the knowledge and internationality of the participating artists. Besides reflecting on the past five weeks the scholarship recipients had the possibility to show each other work as well, which was embraced by almost all 69 WEBbers.

Besides taking part in workshops and attending performances, the scholarship holders participated in additional activities like a welcome brunch, some book presentations, numerous talks within a special talk night as well as in the danceWEB reception 2010, the social highlight of the Programme. To this get-together, representatives of embassies in Vienna and generous supporters were invited to meet the scholarship holders in persons. The reception was followed by the attendance of the performance of Cie. Marie Chouinard (CA) “The Golden Mean (Live)”, which completed this evening of multicultural and boarder crossing exchange and networking.


„danceWEB goes beyond the art and the dance, is a social phenomenon where geographical frontiers are eliminated to generate a knowledge, discussion, agreements and complicity network.

 danceWEB is a space where the frequent question “How do you dance?”  is changed to “What is it what makes you move?”

 danceWEB is a deep process of adaptation, observation, integration and communication.“

                                                                                    Roxana Valdez (Mexico), danceWEB 2010

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