danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2011 - report

1017 applicants from 72 countries have followed the call for application for the danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2011 by December 2010 and the great number of high quality applications made the selection process especially difficult this year. 64 young dancers from 36 countries were finally chosen to participate in danceWEB 2011 that took place from July 13 – August 17 in the frame of ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival. The final selection was conducted by the mentors Boyzie Cekwana (ZA) and Isabelle Schad (DE), both of them being amongst the very first danceWEB scholarship recipients in 1996 - 31 dancers participated in the pilot project of the Scholarship Programme back then.

The first three days of the Scholarship Programme 2011 were geared up to the aim of the mentors to create a group dynamic that would fulfil two main goals:
Creating and as consequence providing some kind of retraction space that would, despite the great number of participants, withstand throughout the five weeks of danceWEB. As the participants disperse into different directions and experience various processes, both artistically and personally, this space is both a source of energy and rest that brings stability in the vast universe of ImPulsTanz with its approximately 100.000 visitors and participants. Moreover, especially as the scholarship holders created and followed their own personal artistic schedule during the five weeks of danceWEB by having the opportunity to choose out of 107 performances and 200 workshops and research projects, offered by the 28th edition of ImPulsTanz, this space enabled them to reflect and share their divers experiences.
This retraction space unfolded as bigger, sometimes as smaller groups, the tiniest entity being the one created by two so called “danceWEBbers”.

The second purpose was to provide grounds for future collaborations, which could only emerge by making the artistic status quo of each scholarship recipient transparent. Therefore, the 64 scholarship holders were given space and time to present themselves and their work in front of the group. The first three days were mainly focused on the personality of each of them. In the frame of further encounters throughout the Scholarship Programme, the so called three salons, this aim was followed up and expanded to the discourse on the status quo of freelance artists and their possibilities of collaborating with established festivals and institutions. Curators and artists present at ImPulsTanz, such as the artistic director of the [8tension] Young Choreographers’ Series, Christa Spatt (AT), choreographers among others Daniel Linehan (BE/US) and Otto Ramstadt (US) participated in this public talk. The aim found its completion in the last three days of danceWEB 2011, where the artistic background of each participant was given space by a whole day of work presentations. The intimate atmosphere that was generated did function inasmuch a mutual trust and respect had been already built amongst the danceWEB participants throughout the precedent 5 weeks. As a result, HAUNTED HOUSE was established, a network that shall define future collaboration amongst the scholarship recipients 2011.

danceWEB, being itself member of a European network, the EU financed project Jardin d’Europe, had the honour to organise the danceWEB reception 2011 at the official Representation of the European Union in Austria, the Haus der Europäischen Union. This evening of encounters between the funders and supporters of danceWEB, the diplomatic representatives of the represented countries in the Scholarship Programme and the scholarship holders themselves did take place on July 28 and was followed by the collective attendance of the ImPulsTanz performance by Akram Khan Company “Vertical Road”.


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