Dear Rio, 

first, we both need to express all of our sincere apologies for this very long over due response. Robin and my works and lives have been really intense these past years and sometimes we are not able to keep up with all. We both wish there had been an opportunity to do an interview about the experience prior to leaving Vienna.

It was a profound experience that greatly inspired, challenged, delighted and moved Robin forward toward establishing a somatic creation centre in the small city of Regina where she lives. The global danceweb experience of has also triggered in me an ongoing reflection on how I am attached to the creative dynamics that can emerge in micro societies and how I wish to recreate this in many research processes. 

Robin truly looks forward to some day returning to Vienna and to Impulstanz. As for my personal experience at Impulstanz, it has always been one of fantastic sharing. As danceweb coaches, the rich mix of meeting so many incredible artists, theorists, educators, presenters, sponsors, supporters and public around seeing a lot of dance work, teaching and taking classes along with the webbers was for us at times really overwhelming but always intriguing and most positive.

The opportunity to share this experience has for the both of us, expanded a space of awareness in our long history of working together in many contexts.

The 2012, DanceWeb experience has and continues to reverberate in significant and surprising ways. It provoked a deepened research, creative process and thinking about dance creation and presentation. The experience was extraordinary and opened into an active arena of interplay that took place through simple and formal, planned and impromptu artistic and social contexts, as an inter-web net-work emerged through the group. It was obvious to us that the many years of experience accumulated by the Impulstanz personal, has offered us a fantastic platform and context to interact.

As a guiding plan, we entered a collaborative process through a proposed palate of somatic and sensory explorations with special attention to the work of Canadian somatic maverick Amelia Itcush. Robin and I recently engaged in a wonderful gathering of Somatic practitioners in Regina, Saskatchewan as part of a special remembering of the work and Life of Amelia Itcush.

Having worked much together creatively we also share in the practice of an evolving lexicon of Itcush Method inspired approaches.

Perhaps the best thing looking back at the experience is to write in intuitive ways and remember that the danceWeb experience was lived with the conviction of the necessity of embracing change while investing into multiple processes.

DanceWeb was a stunning experience and riveting in it’s potential of exchange and group dynamics. Taking part in this process offered a somatic start, through a relaxing beginning that Invited a dialogue with and through body tissue and empathy. Our need was to awaken a natural empathy process in the group and in the individuals that where part of it. This event happened quite naturally and didn’t require any forcing. Suggestions it self managed with this group to induce a natural cohesion. A somatic start induced fluidity and communication in the micro society that forms the webbers. This was the best decision we made!!! It revealed the magic of an organic trigger that we had a chance to witness and induce in this stunning group the. There was a flow of knowledge and warmth that sweep both me and Robin off our feet. The Vienna summer weeks where absolutely wild and took everyone in a flow of creativity. It was humanely and artistically so thrilling and felt like a gift. I am happy to be able to confirm how most important it was, to share this experience with co-coach/mentor Robin Poitras.

Poitras and I both share strong interest in intuitive process and trust it to be the most efficient way to allow exchange and growth to happen. We also both share the practice that Amelia Itcush induced into our consciousness and bodies as dance practitioners. We trusted that our respective ways would trigger something great and it did… I know Robin since many years (approximately twenty five years) and I had the conviction that this experience would be a beneficial one all around!!! Since I know her, Robin has been involved in the visual art milieu as a performance artist, dance maker, dancer, teacher and a producer from central Canada who’s work and artistic process is deeply engaged with community and first nation culture growth into interactive and encompass positive investment.

I intuitively knew that my sharing with Robin would permit us both to carry each other into yielding with the group and ride on this river of convictions and deep believe in the singularity of there multiple creative processes. They were carried and affirmed by each individual and respected in the by the web this micro society formed… It was a marvellous spectacle to be immersed in the flow, to hear and see the webbers and to glide the waves with them. I believe that the selection process and the first days where crucial points. The discussions, during the selection process with Rio where to say the least, brilliantly necessary. It is impossible for me to select without an emotional involvement that allows me to sense what would be the best chemistry for a good group to hold itself together. Rio knows so well through his accumulated experience how to guide this process. I often sit back and think how most beautifully everyone came out in the group and wow stronger they managed to make each other. It felt so brilliantly invigorating to be allowed at the hart this cohesion while to witnessing and taking part to this amazing wave of creativity. Perhaps something else that we both believe in, is the use of the necessary effort to execute a task and then finding ways of resting, sometimes only micro movements can offer the necessary distance to situate oneself. That is also necessary to the integration process of information. How to allow responsible and responsive capacities to bloom was, as we look at it now, the underline content of the quest…  

The frogs are the angels of the experience!!! They where fantastic!!! It was also for me a superb element to have Robin as a fresh participant to the Impulstanz experience. I had a strong feeling that her openness and aw would be most fruitful for both our carrier as well. Another person who also serves our viewpoints and permitted us to carry our somatic discourse was the participation of Linda Rabin.

We must also mention how It was really beautiful to have such divers participants in the webbers group and to also follow the wide variety of dance approach that is carried in the ImpulsTanz Festival and summer course… The festival and danceWeb organization is fabulous and we are still riding the shills of this fever in our spines. I have to say, while being accompanied by Robin, it permitted me to discover to my astonishment of this wonderful event anew and gave me strength and believe that still invigorates my convictions and inspirations. I guess the webbers felt our continuous astonishment and carried us into this journey… We both wish that these fantastic days could go on forever… Have no worries, they sure do so in our harts and minds!!!

This has opened my awareness and allowed me to constructively invest and enhance my social skills. It allows my return to the festival to be done with a more open mind a offers me so much energy in the process. How I could deeply enjoy this years Impulstanz events in so many numerous ways, I realised how I had grown through this previous summer and the ease that it has taught me.  To top this, as I saw several of last years webbers perform this year in Doris’ group work I could only be transported back in the tremendous liberating joy we, as a group, had experimented. Seeing each other again with glorious smiles on our faces saying, last year, something happened and here we are again!!!


It is a life changing experience!!! Thankyou!!!    


Benoît Lachambre

Artistic Director

Par B.L.eux




Robin Poitras

Artistic Director

New Dance Horizons


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