Benoît Lachambre / choreographer-performer

Constantly developing himself in den field of dance since the 1970s, Benoît Lachambre discovers the release technique for himself in 1985. Hence, the kinaesthetic approach to movement and improvisation leaves its marks on his choreographic work. He devotes himself to an exploratory approach of movement and its sources, with the aim to seek the authenticity of the gesture. His approach is based fundamentally on his work sharpened with the senses where the artistic and the somatic become a necessity. There is something distinctly radical in his approach to movement. His research fathoms imagining the dreaming body transformations outside of the self-notion, passes by the analyses of gesture in a context and space, a lively space. Benoît thus develops a language that is based on the present and on the future of a more authentic conscience. In his creations, Benoît equally aims at modifying the performer’s empathic experience with the audience.

Among those artists, who influenced him the most, Benoît Lachambre counts Meg Stuart he regularly collaborates with, but also Amélia Itcush with her work on the dispersal of the weight in the body.

Besides his work as choreographer and dancer, Benoît Lachambre gained a high degree of recognition as teacher by giving workshops and classes all over the world for over 15 years.

In 1996, Benoît Lachambre created his company Par B.L.eux in Montréal : “B.L.” for Benoît Lachambre, and “eux” for “them,” creative artists he collaborates with and which are becoming more and more influential in his career. He thus multiplies these artistic encounters and dynamic exchanges and collaborates with numerous international choreographers and artists coming from different disciplines: Boris Charmatz, Sasha Waltz, Marie Chouinard, Louise Lecavalier or again Meg Stuart and the musician Hahn Rowe; with latters he created one of his masterpieces Forgeries, Love and other Matters in 2003 for which he received the prestigious Bessie Award in 2006.

Benoît Lachambre is one of the major artists/choreographers of his generation, he created 16 works since the foundation of Par B.L.eux (Délire Défait in 1999, 100 Rencontres in 2005, Is you Me in 2006) participated in more than 20 productions and was the choreographer of 25 commissioned works, for example I is Memory (solo for Louise Lecavalier in 2006) and JJ’s Voice that he created for Cullberg Ballet in Stockholm in 2010.

Robin Poitras (CA)

Robin embarked on a life in dance in 1984, after completing a B.F.A. special honors degree in dance from York University, and several dance technique, creation and performance studies in Canada and abroad. 

In 1986 she co-founded New Dance Horizons, Saskatchewan’s longest running dance presenter. And in 2008 Robin launched Rouge-gorge, a project-based creation company that is presently company in residence at New Dance Horizons. 

Her preoccupation with the body, psyche, action and exploration of physical and archetypal worlds has resulted in an embodied multi disciplinary approach. Robin’s works, incorporating found and formed objects, texts, images and other media are performed in theatres, art galleries, parks and city streets. Her large-scale community projects ensure all are able to participate in dance/art events.

Robin has received many grants and awards, including the 2004 Women of Distinction Award for the Arts and the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award at the Mayor's Awards for Business & The Arts in Regina. Her works have been presented across Canada, in Spain, France, Germany and Mexico.

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