The TTT crew

(Christina Gaigg, DD Dorvillier, Janet Panetta, Jennifer Lacey, Jennifer
Monson, Keith Hennessy, Malcolm Manning, Sri Louise, Valentina Desideri)


At "OPEN SOMETHING" we have been working on rigorous and confusing independent studies to share some of our big ambitions with you!!!

"OPEN SOMETHING" was followed by a special Haitian dance class to benefit (Hand in Hand mit Haiti), a Kindergarten Project in Haiti.

The last 2 years have convinced me that TTT is a coming together, to look forward to a new world, and collaboration.

I am talking about the expression of individual freedom within a community of voluntiers.
What do the others want from me?
What do they see in me?

I play a role in my own creative process. According to the logic of free
giving and receiving there are many particular aspects of practicing, a
divers archive of training, that I love to explore in future. I also try to
inspire my own students to do the background research on Haitian
Dance tradition. I challenge them, to do the very best, regardless of
there dance experience, to give everyone his individual attention, as I
have learned at TTT.

Sorts of practice:
Fake Therapy, Re-Teaching, Group Gate, Fake Teaching, Telephone
Structure, Practicing on Papers, The Acknowledgment Project,
Meditation of Movement, Spiritual Dance.

Allegory, symbols, anecdotes, social forms, social precision,
social movements -> "WE ARE NOT GLOBAL"!?

I learned to be less self absorbed and took my time, to listen to others,
who offered their time and talent, to help me create and complete my
own concept.

Best Regards,
Karine LaBel

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