Hi everyone!

I am very happy that we will have a second chance to meet this year. Our group will be more or less the same so we will be able to take advantage of our experience last summer.

the proposal this time around is independent study plus a swap meet.

I  propose that we meet this year, as last year, around a space. The space of the ImPulsTanz festival and a studio within that festival.  The independent studies should be of a nature that can only be done within the context of ImPulsTanz. This would include taking advantage of other faculty members present for the festival and the global program of courses.  It should also perhaps be something we have not been able to make time for otherwise. Although we can have the pleasure of  being students, the study should perhaps be more complicated than just profiting from classes. This can be of couse argumented in any way you please.  The swap meet comes in by encountering other peoples points of study and swapping with them in some way, either as mentor, participant or pure trade of interests and information. In order to organize ourselves it will be necessary to at least pretend to know what we are going before we arrive so please pick your most obvious idea and send it along to share. A well chosen title is quite enough. Dont hesitate to pursue something that arose last year for you. Looking at each other's  proposals we can then decide where our affinities meet and group them up during the days and during the week. We will have our studio  available to us all day so we can organize what will be the most possible times to meet as a group (or as groups ) in an  attempt to incorporate all the elements available into a sort of "school". I hope we will be able to use our experience of last summer to organize ourselves in satisfying heterogenous manners that produce maximum pleasure.

we will share our studies in the form of a «school»  to the greater community on Saturday, July 31, 2010 in any form we like in the same kind of continuous open participation as last year.

It goes without saying that this proposal is a sort of  ghost  architecture for us to meet within, not  a rigid assignment.

Love to all,


PS from « class » to « school » maybe next year « government » !

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