Participating artists:
Cristina Caprioli (SE)
Rasmus Ölme (SE)
Kristine Slettevold (NO)
Jeremy Nelson (UK/DK)
Jan Ristema (NL)
Elisabeth Farr (US)
Benoit Lachambre (CAN)

: This ttt-session turned out to be quite an intense meeting. The four first days were structured around discussions within the group and a few invited teachers and students from the University of Dance and Circus about the theme "What does a dancer need to know". Each participant shared their views and methods freely from their own experiences, which were diverse to say the least. From ballet to body awareness to philosophical perspectives to institutional critique, the participants considered many different aspects and meanings of their practices and positions in the field of contemporary dance and performance. At the end of the week Libby Farr, Benoît Lachambre and Jan Ritsema presented their specific approaches during open workshops, which were attended by students, teachers and dancers alike (around 25 people in each). Benoît's workshop "Extending the comfort zone" remarkably gathered fellow ttt participants to experiment his awakening method of movement. On the last day, the group (short of Jeremy Nelson who was needed at his school in Copenhagen) opened up its process during a public talk. Brilliantly moderated by Efva Lilja, Head of the University of Dance and Circus, the discussion took yet other interesting turns thanks to questions from the audience and challenging group dynamics. The "off program" took the participants to two performances at the House of Dance in Stockholm - Anna Kock "Happy to be here" and Cullberg Ballet "Ek, Inger, Ekman" - where ttt participants had a chance to connect/re-connect with Swedish dance professionals and Cullberg Ballet artists and staff.

After six days of twisting and turning matters of knowledge, subjectivity, context, and personal experience, the ttt group was quite exhausted but happy to have worked together. The feedback from students and teachers at the University of Dance and Circus was positive and asking for more, which calls for a wider and more interactive format for the next ttt session to be organized by Cullberg Ballet in 2012.

This session was followed up by written report by Jessica Ellingsworth.

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