The program took place in cooperation with Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy (BCDA).

Participating artists:
Tamás Bakó (HU) and Viktória Varga (HU), teachers of BCDA,
Éva Karczag (HU)
Gill Clarke (UK)
Susanne Martin (DE),
Peter Pleyer (DE)
Dorotha Rust (CH)

The program started with creating a forum for raising theoretical and practical questions, sharing experiences and initiatives concerning contemporary dance education. In this seminar, Workshop Foundation provided time and space for seven dance teachers to engage in collective thinking, talking and moving, concerning the past, present and future of contemporary dance. The Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy took part in the organisation and arrangement of the seminar as the professional partner of the Foundation.

The outline of the seminar program was inspired by a letter of Jennifer Lacey about the Bucharest ttt where she called attention to the importance of the location concerning the performing arts. According to this idea, Workshop Foundation tried to include in the program more local representative organizations of contemporary dance. Five open classes were held in five different Hungarian dance studios, and their activities were touched upon by local professionals after the classes. This diversity inspired the participants of the seminar and the wide variety of different experiences led to open discussions about the problems of education in contemporary dance.

Within the frame of this ttt session, Workshop Foundation organized open classes between April 14 - 18 in various locations: Gödör Club-Spicc Studio, SIN Cultural Center, BCDA, Hungarian Dance Academy, L1 Dance Lab. On the evening of April 17, the teachers took part in an improvisational dance concert in SIN, organized by Company ST. The closing events of the program (presentations, discussions, a special exhibition) were also open for public, which took place in the BCDA on April 19.

A printed brochure got released with a DVD supplement as a part of the activity Action Research that can be downloaded >>here

Interviews with the participating artists

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Reports of the participating artists

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