ttt is an initiative which aims at giving an answer to a European dance scene in need of new teaching and training methods in the field of Contemporary Dance, taking into account the various forms enriching dance creation nowadays, such as dramaturgy, scenography, lighting, visual arts practices, transforming movement into film/image, dance photography. Respective activities e.g. workshops, lasting each of them about ten days - are taking place at the relevant intiatives/venues of the participating co-organisers.

The following editions have already been held:
ttt Vienna 2009

ttt Bucharest 2009

ttt Budapest 2010

ttt Stockholm 2010

ttt Vienna 2010

ttt Skopje 2011

ttt Montpellier 2011

ttt Vienna 2011

ttt Belgrade 2012

ttt Stockholm 2012

ttt Istanbul 2012

ttt Vienna 2012

ttt Brussels 2012-2013

ttt Belgrade 2013

ttt Budapest 2013