What did you think of the workshop itself and what did you learn for your own practice as a critic?

The workshop was a good opportunity to meet different writers in dance, and to share the personal writing process with them. For me the exchange of the ideas of how to look at dance and how to write about it and also to see different ways to approach to the dance piece was enriching experience. The participants gave me the chance to hear how my text was evaluated from very different perspectives and also how they are dealing with dance. 

The ten commands on art criticism of Anna Tilroe and the Pieter T’Jonk’s approach  to not put forth too quickly our already set ideas about dance before the piece reveals itself fully were fundamentally helpful.  The workshop with both coaches helped me to not instrumentalize the dance piece to create my own theory but to analyze its meaning from inside.


And what about the logistics (VTi, Beursschouwburg, lodging, food, transport … ) and the following up by Ultima Vez, Eline and myself?


Logistics were very well organized.

VTi was ideal place to host this kind of workshop.

Beursschouwburg place was a little bit uncomfortable. I think it is because of the architecture or where the table was placed.

Lodging. I was very pleased of the apartment I stayed; also I got the chance to meet Milica which is another good thing. 

Food, good enough J I lost some wait J 

Transport. Not any problem at all. Perfect.

People from Ultima Vez, Eline and Annick were very helpful and nice. I additionally thank for the chance to meet them.


What about the tool online for publishing your texts / audio?

Online tool was very smart; it is also a good opportunity to reach beyond physical borders.

But it would be nice to have chance to publish in more traditional way, for example a small newspaper specially created for the festival could have been a nice way to see our texts. 


What about Working Title as the frame of the workshop?

Working Title seems as a relevant frame for dance scene of new artists. This is a good place to position the workshop of emerging dance writers. Working Title Festival was welcoming many pieces in their mid-way process of becoming; this gave chance for us to construct our ideas inspired of this process and to enter more intimate state where artist is sharing her feature will of the work itself. 


What would you additionally recommend for the next edition in 2010?

To match the same quality…

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