What did you think of the workshop itself and what did you learn for your own practice as a critic?

Taking into acount the fact that “Critical Endeavour” was an educational and workshop programme, it helped  me  improve my way of relating to the dance creations on one side and with  journalists from various forms of culture on the other side. Therefore, it helped me  widen the perspectives of my critical system, of assimilating alternative structures of dance criticims.

As it was part of an event like “Working Title Festival” organized by important cultural  entities like “Workspace Brussels” and “Ultima Vez”, the programme  provided the emerging journalists with the opportuniy of improving their knowledge regarding  the most representative patterns of the European dance context.

As the main objective of the “Critical Endeavour” programme is to help the emerging dance journalists “acquire expertise and learning work tools for journalistic, essayistic, and theoretical writing on dance”, this kind of expertise is sure to improve the way of analysing the art of dance and performance and it will help me transfer a good practice to  cultural contexts that the participants belong to.

The collaboration between the journalists was one of the strongest aspects of the Critical Endeavour Programme. The feedback they provided each other with, stimulated by the mentors, was a method in itself and it was meant to increase the objectivity and the accuracy of their way of writing.

And what about the logistics (VTi, Beursschouwburg, lodging, food, transport … ) and the following up by Ultima Vez, Eline and myself?

Their logistic was very good, the food very diverse and the job Eline you and Kristien did really helped us a lot. I felt very well at Ultima Vez and I would have wanted the workshop to be longer, mostly thanks to you.

What about the tool online for publishing your texts / audio?

Very effective and at the same time a reason of honour. Who wouldn’t be honoured to have this kind of visibility, namely being published on the site of workspace Brussels?

What about Working Title as the frame of the workshop?

The performances seen during the festival were very instructive, as they covered a wide range of diversity, therefore the participants had the possibility to write about different choreographic styles and visions. The selection of the articles elaborated during the festival and published on the website www.workspacebrussels.be  increased the visiblity of our  activity during the programme.

What would you additionally recommend for the next edition in 2010?

I would recommend more alternative events,  more interdisciplinary manifestations, more talks with the artists.


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