Willy Prager and Sonja Pregrad started the project « A dance in 2043 » asking themselves: how will dance as performing art look like in 2043, and how will the two of them be dancing it then? They were working with concepts of science fiction and parasitizing on individual histories as paradigms. During the process of creating the performance, Sonja Pregrad and Willy Prager parasitized on the thoughts about the dance practice from one young and one old choreographer. Through the process of reformulation and translation, injected with some SF (and the proposal by their friend that Science fiction is what you say Science fiction is), they created the artistic material of the performance, which will become a liquid state that everyone can taste. 


How to imagine the future? Is to imagine the future in a performance to create a future?
How to dance the future here and now? How to understand the 30-year jump?
Business of dance? Will dance be the applied arts in creating the gadget of the future through understanding the nature? Or is the future of the dance to disappear, to be dissolved into every pursuit that we do? Why to move if I can do everything? This is the answer.
Make the future. Fail the future. Fail better. With fears and hopes. 


Authors and performers: Willy Prager and Sonja Pregrad
Music: Emilian Gatsov
Assistant for the props: Dora Đurkesac
Dramaturgical advisor: Gina Serbanescu and Jasna mak
Costumes: Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Tekstilno-tehnološki fakultet, Zavod za dizajn tekstila i odjeće, diplomski studij kostimografije, students: Davor Ivanec, Diana Mihalić, Nika Wenzinger
Head professor: Nina Reek Wilson
Mentor: Ivana Bakal, mag. ing. des. text.
Mask: Marija Bingula
Photography: Damir iić

work in progress presentation: WASP Bucharest on June 18, 2013
Premiere: October 31, 2013 at Zagreb Dance Center (HR).

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