« Canto alla durata » is a process to create a dance performance that combines movement, sound and light. The title is inspired by « Gedicht an die Dauer », written by Peter Handke, and the subject of the research is the feeling of time. Thinking about it, Proust, Derrida, Bergson, Cage have been discussed and practices, movement and sound, focusing on idea of duration have been started to be mixed.


Movement, light, sounds, to see “duration”. What is the effect that time has on our feelings? Acceleration, slowdown, unpredictability. Movement seeks, into the actions, shapes for echo, consonance/dissonance. Sheet music is not predetermined, therefore not exactly repeatable. It’s clear that only the software structure of elaboration in real time, the input is air produced by a fan on microphone.

Premiere: October 27, 2012 at

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