The co-organizer 4culture supported the production “Monkey Sandwich” by presenting it at Odeon Theatre in October 2010 during the eXplore dance festival #5.
“Film plays a significant part in Monkey Sandwich. Yet it is utterly characteristic of Vandekeybus: the distinctive energy and visual power splatter off the silver screen. The whole landscape dances. On stage we see the young performer Damien Chapelle. In an ingenious interaction with the film, he flits around, swinging between loneliness and happiness, in the process creating a world of his own. Sometimes it's manic-euphoric, sometimes vulnerable, helpless and questing, just like the characters projected over his head, with whom he vainly attempts to make contact.”

“Monkey Sandwich” was presented in Bucharest, at Odeon Theatre on October 1 and 2, 2010 and reached a high public success among the Romanian audience. Before and after it’s Romanian premiere, the performance was touring in Europe, for the next 3 years.


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